Making Dreams A Reality Like Samantha Sotto

Samatha Sotto has been trending in my network.  I first read about her from my friend’s wall post, then I read Chuvaness’ post, then many others.  I don’t need any more convincing.  She’s now one of my inspirations. 🙂

Samantha Sotto is a full-blooded Pinay living in Parañaque.  A stay-at-home-mom to a pre-schooler in Ateneo.  A SAHM like me! 🙂

She wrote a book while waiting for her son’s 3-hour class to be through.  Talk about being productive… unlike me? ;P

Then had it published by Random House, New York.  Random House?!?!!!

Dream big and fulfill it.  I will.


Moving Out and Moving In Day


By the time this post gets published, the movers have arrived to load our stuff in their truck.  They were the same ones we hired the first time we moved – from our first apartment to here, my father’s place.  I wonder if they’ll be scratching their heads how come we got more stuff now compared before.   And the additional pieces are notably heavy and bulky furniture.

We were able to acquire some Narra furniture from a live auction (fun and exciting experience I may say! 🙂 ).  We’ll also be bringing my Narra bed from my room.  Then we’ll pass by Ate’s, Hubby’s older sister, for our refridgerator since we asked her to keep it while we’re at my father’s house.

Moving on (pun can’t be more appropriate! 😉 ), I will definitely be busy setting up our new place.  But to keep this blog going, I’ve prepared some that are scheduled to be online the following days.  ‘Til then! 🙂

And oh! How I wish next time we move, it will be from the apartment to our very own home sweet home… How I would love to tell you about our dream house.  The totality and some specifics are something we’re still discerning though.  We can’t dream and pray for any house we’ll later not want, right?  Just the same, by God’s will, we pray to be given the means and resources to make our dream home come true. 🙂

Oatmeal Cookies with Molasses

I’m a newbie baker and cookies they say are for the uninitiated like me.  So far, I can count with one hand how many times I’ve baked cookies and with all of them, I was cocky and stubborn enough not to follow the baking instructions to a T.  ;P

You see, I wanted more than the usual oatmeal cookies.  So I did some tweaking here and substitutions there.  It wasn’t all unfounded since I’ve read about people who have actually substituted butter and margarine with olive oil and used all brown sugar.  I stepped up a little further and made use of blackstrap molasses.

Blackstrap molasses is rich in iron, calcium, potassium, manganese and other minerals making it way better than using brown sugar or honey.  You can read more about it here.

I used my bestfriend E’s tried and tested Quaker Oats’ Vanishing Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Recipe as a base and did the substitutions from there.  I asked Little Cat to help me with the mixing and he happily obliged.

Were they good? Continue reading

Playdate: Shapes

Last week my bestfriend asked me if Little Cat, her godson, can already distinguish shapes.  I said no and explained that I prioritize teaching him values and good manners and refining the use of his body.  I’m proud to say that Little Cat knows how to pray, say thank you, welcome and please, has a way of saying sorry, knows how to wait on most times and has an incredibly long attention span for his age.   (Praying he remains the same ’til he grows up!)

Come this Monday’s playdate with Adorable A, I found it hard choosing what book to read for the story time.  I can’t choose just any because it sets up the succeeding activity/ies.  Then I finally gave in to shapes.  We’ll have a shape-themed playdate then.

Little Cat has three books about shapes.  Dr. Seuss’ The Shape of Me and Other Stuff Board Book edition,  Ellen Stoll Walsh’ Mouse Shapes and Grace D. Chong’s God’s Favorite Shape.  I chose the last one because we’ve never read a book by a Filipino author before and because I find it easier to discuss with the little kids.  I surely felt like a teacher thinking about a lesson plan. 😉

God's Favorite Shape by Grace D. Chong / Ggie A. Bernabe

After mapping out my “lesson plan,” Continue reading

Playdate: Green Eggs and Caterpillars

Daddy Papa Cat booked a Satur-date with Daddies B and M to watch Kobe, Durant, CP3 and Derrick Rose play against PBA All Stars at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Instinctively we wives, me, Mommy E and Mommy J, scheduled a date too.  A structured playdate for Little Cat, Beautiful E (turning 3yo) and Adorable M (18mo) to be exact. 🙂

Come last Saturday, everyone had a great time.  The daddies said watching the game was so worth it.  We mommies and kids on the other hand enjoyed our date too that we can’t wait for the next one.   Mommy J and Adorable M were not able to come though.  We missed them so much!  Hoping next time they’ll be able to come and we’ll all enjoy the activities so much more.

And so for the playdate, we had:

  • Free play
  • Pack away
  • Circle Time – We adapted and sang the same songs we sing on our regular playdates with Mommy R and Little A.  Turns out Beautiful E likes the Clean Up (for the pack away) and Make a Circle songs too.  (I’ll make a post about the songs we use next time.)
  • Story Time – The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
  • 1st Activity – Arts.  We painted caterpillars using paper cups and fork as paint brush.  Little Cat was holding, squeezing and biting the paper cups but when it touched the paint, he didn’t want to touch them again.  But to my relief, Continue reading

Playdate: Spiders, Rabbits and Gymboree

We had last week’s playdates with Mommy R and Little A at their beautiful home.  They have more “equipment” that made the playdates look like Gymboree-on-the-go. It made our playdates more fun.  Little Cat always had a blast while there and was still on a high after getting home. 😉

Here’s the run-down of our main activities for the weeks’s playdates:


  • Storytime – The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle
  • Arts and Crafts Activity – We made a spider from magazine cut-out pieces which the kids (supposedly! 😉 ) glued to a paperplate.  We then stuck a popsicle stick at the back to hold it with.
  • 2nd Activity – The kids were to pick among a set of flashcards the object we ask for.  Before doing so, they were to pass through an obstacle course.  They were to climb and slide from a Little Tike-ish slide and then crawl under a table.  Aside from being able to identify the objects, enrich communication and gross motor skills, the kids were to learn the concept of waiting and turn-taking.  We’ve been trying to incorporate it in previous playdates but it wasn’t until now that we’re able to present it to the kids more clearly.  Thanks to the Gymboree-inspired obstacle course Mommy R. 🙂


  • Free Play – Instead of the usual playing with toys, the kids went swimming in an inflatable pool with a lot of floating balls.  It was mid-day but it wasn’t that warm so Mommy R and I didn’t let them stay too long in the pool.  Mommy R was also ingenious enough to provide a make-shift swing from a foldable ladder and sako.   Continue reading

Honing Fine Motor Skills

For the past months, I think I’ve been a little complacent on stimulating Little Cat’s development.  There’s our playdates with Mommy R and Little A, I give him new books every now and then and we read books all the time but, I still feel I need to be more pro-active in his development.  For one,  I think I have to give him more activities that will hone his motor skills.

Children are naturally curious and they love to move around and tinker with whatever they can get their hands on.  But of course, it’s proper to lead them to the right activities that will actually hone their gross and fine motor skills.

For fine motor skills, a child who has not properly developed the skill may have difficulties in writing legibly, using a keyboard, perform dressing and grooming activities like buttoning shirt, tying shoelaces, using zippers, etc., and turning pages of a book.  Add to that, I found this site to identify more and I quote,

Children with difficulties in this area may have:

  • poor eye-hand coordination
  • poor manipulative skills
  • immature drawing skills
  • poor handwriting and presentation skills
  • some perceptual difficulties
  • good auditory memory skills
  • confidence as speakers and listeners
  • good verbal comprehension skills
  • strengths in verbal and non-verbal reasoning
  • enjoyment in using multisensory strategies when learning. Continue reading