Bigger Change and Moving Tips

Starting a new blog is a welcome change for me.  It’s like (word)pressing the refresh button and breathing life anew.  If you’re guessing I was blogging in another platform before, well, you’re right.  So this really makes me a newbie again. 😉  But my having a new blog is so trivial compared to other things in life.  There are bigger changes up ahead for me and my family.

Hubby and I were living on our own when we got married.  Then we had Little Cat.  Little Cat’s nurturing and upbringing is our priority so being a stay-at-home-mom was a decision Hubby and I both wanted.  Our decision came with financial issues of course.  Moving in to my father’s house was a convenient solution.  Very convenient in fact since my father has a househelp.  I don’t have to stress myself with juggling household chores and attending to little cat anymore.  We made the move 5 months after Little Cat’s birth.  It was so relieving for me!

Fourteen months after,  Hubby and I decided to move again.  Dearest Hubs got promoted at work few months back and we think (and calculated a lot of times!) we can be on our own again.  We still can’t afford to hire a nanny or househelp though, so I will be back to the juggling act.  With an active toddler now!  But after weighing all pros and cons we can think of, we decided moving on our own place is better – if not best – for our family.

We will be moving to an apartment-for-rent at the end of the month.  It will be close to where hubby’s dad, ate and kuya lives.  Closest to the apartment is brother-in-law and his wife who’s preggy now.  We can practically walk to visit them.  Seeing the new baby is one of the many happy things we look forward to. 🙂

At the mean time, I’m busy planning and sorting things to pack.  We’ve done this before so we should be wiser now.  I got some pointers from past discussions in Newlyweds@Work (a very very helpful forum to Filipino moms if I may say).

Here are the packing and moving tips I’ve gathered:

  1. Sort things out.  Be practical, giveaway, sell or dispose of stuff that’s not really used so it wouldn’t be a clutter in the new place.
  2. Pack stuff according to which room they will go.
  3. Label all gadget cables and wiring to avoid mix-up or totally not knowing what they are for.
  4. Check that the items and boxes are clean so no cockroaches and other pests will join in the move.
  5. If possible, get plastic boxes or sturdy containers instead of carton boxes.  These can be reused again and again and as storage keepers for whatever.
  6. Label the boxes by which room they belong (ex. Kitchen, Bedroom ).  Movers will then be easily guided to where they will put the boxes.
  7. Number the boxes accordingly.  There will surely be a lot of boxes so indicate the number (n) and total number (x) for that room. A box’s complete label will then be “Room n/x” (ex. Kitchen 1/5, Kitchen 2/5,  Bedroom 1/3).
  8. Pack stuff in boxes based on necessity or priority.  “Kitchen 1/5” will contain items that will be used right away  (ex. plates, silverware, etc.). “Bedroom 1/3” will contain beddings, etc.  Succeeding boxes will contain items of lesser need.
  9. Take note and make a list of the total number of boxes and large items.
  10. Make a list of items in the box. ( I did this the first time we moved but it was tedious so I dropped it.)  OR just take a picture of the items in the box and the box label outside.
  11. Pack books in smaller and several boxes.  Accumulated weight of books can be really heavy and there’s a greater risk of them being damaged when placed in one big box.
  12. Wrap your mattress with plastic.  Doing so will keep it from getting dirty and “sweat-smelling.”
  13. Clean the place to be moved into before the actual move.
  14. Once all stuff have moved in, prioritize setting up the bedroom and bathroom.  It will take awhile for all stuff to get to their proper places so getting a place to sleep and wash is just proper for those rest breaks.

It’s tough packing stuff for the move.  I’m halfway done with one box as of now and there’s more to go.  Once awhile though I find myself smiling because in spite of living in my father’s house full of his own furniture and stuff, Hubby and I managed to have more things now than before.  I’m sure the movers, the same ones we hired last time, will be surprised.  Hubby and I won a number of narra upholstered chairs (bulkier than our previous set of dining chairs) and a chest of drawers made of solid narra wood from a live auction.  We’re so happy to get great pieces at a cheap price.  But I don’t think the movers will be as happy since the chest of drawers is notably heavy.  We can’t thank them enough for lifting the heavy burden though. 😉


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