Honing Fine Motor Skills

For the past months, I think I’ve been a little complacent on stimulating Little Cat’s development.  There’s our playdates with Mommy R and Little A, I give him new books every now and then and we read books all the time but, I still feel I need to be more pro-active in his development.  For one,  I think I have to give him more activities that will hone his motor skills.

Children are naturally curious and they love to move around and tinker with whatever they can get their hands on.  But of course, it’s proper to lead them to the right activities that will actually hone their gross and fine motor skills.

For fine motor skills, a child who has not properly developed the skill may have difficulties in writing legibly, using a keyboard, perform dressing and grooming activities like buttoning shirt, tying shoelaces, using zippers, etc., and turning pages of a book.  Add to that, I found this site to identify more and I quote,

Children with difficulties in this area may have:

  • poor eye-hand coordination
  • poor manipulative skills
  • immature drawing skills
  • poor handwriting and presentation skills
  • some perceptual difficulties
  • good auditory memory skills
  • confidence as speakers and listeners
  • good verbal comprehension skills
  • strengths in verbal and non-verbal reasoning
  • enjoyment in using multisensory strategies when learning.

Most of the points it raised puzzles me as to how they’re connected to finger grasping and being adept at it.  Maybe there’s more I have to understand.  Anyway, I’m not panicking.  Just a bit, I guess. ;p Then again, even the often identified consequences can get a parent like me concerned.

There are a lot of websites and mommy blogs that present activities to hone a child’s fine motor skills.  I have referred to them and “stalked” them months ago for age-appropriate activities to give to or at least expose Little Cat with.  However, my enthusiasm waned when I realized Little Cat is not artsy-craftsy and surprisingly(!) does not want to get himself dirty.  The moment he sees glue or paint being applied on whatever, he frowns, crinkles his nose then signs and says “dirty.”  So every time we do arts and crafts, he just watches and hands me the materials.  I hope he’ll overcome it soon, if ever he will.

Good thing there are other activities we can turn to.  Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • tearing newspaper
  • zipping and unzipping zippers
  • playing with blocks
  • shape sorting
  • threading a bead
  • playing lego
  • jigsaw puzzles
  • peg boards
  • transferring objects from a bowl to another using a spoon
  • singing action songs
  • shooting uncooked spaghetti into a pepper shaker

The last activity was a take home activity from Mommy R after a playdate session.  It was actually what moved me to posting this and get on the pro-active mommy mode again. (Thanks again, Mommy R!)

I’m currently wanting and looking for activities to give to Little Cat.  I’m thinking of giving clay molding a go now.  And more coloring, sorting and transferring activities.  And more beadwork – threading a shoelace through a bead – probably?  Not yet age-appropriate I guess.  Anyway, I also have to find and learn us new action songs.  AND find arts and crafts activities that will entice him to join in.  It’s also high time we give him a table and chair where he could do his activities.

What activities do you do with your toddler?  I’m all ears eyes(?) to hear read about it.


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