Playdate: Green Eggs and Caterpillars

Daddy Papa Cat booked a Satur-date with Daddies B and M to watch Kobe, Durant, CP3 and Derrick Rose play against PBA All Stars at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Instinctively we wives, me, Mommy E and Mommy J, scheduled a date too.  A structured playdate for Little Cat, Beautiful E (turning 3yo) and Adorable M (18mo) to be exact. 🙂

Come last Saturday, everyone had a great time.  The daddies said watching the game was so worth it.  We mommies and kids on the other hand enjoyed our date too that we can’t wait for the next one.   Mommy J and Adorable M were not able to come though.  We missed them so much!  Hoping next time they’ll be able to come and we’ll all enjoy the activities so much more.

And so for the playdate, we had:

  • Free play
  • Pack away
  • Circle Time – We adapted and sang the same songs we sing on our regular playdates with Mommy R and Little A.  Turns out Beautiful E likes the Clean Up (for the pack away) and Make a Circle songs too.  (I’ll make a post about the songs we use next time.)
  • Story Time – The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
  • 1st Activity – Arts.  We painted caterpillars using paper cups and fork as paint brush.  Little Cat was holding, squeezing and biting the paper cups but when it touched the paint, he didn’t want to touch them again.  But to my relief, Little Cat gave the painting activity a try.  He held the fork and made grass for our artwork.
  • Story Time – Yes, again!  We’re with Mommy E and Beautiful E after all, the “influential people” in our book and reading quest.  😉 And since reading stories was a shared interest and both kids we’re into the book these days, we also read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.
  • 2nd Activity – Cooking.  We made green eggs for merienda.  The eggs were beaten with green food coloring to make it green.  The kids enjoyed mixing and seeing the eggs go yellow to green.  Mommy E and I are trying to figure out though how to make a sunny-side up with green yolk just like it is in the book.  Any ideas?
  • Merienda – The kids enjoyed the green scrambled eggs so much!  🙂
After merienda, it was free play for Little Cat and Beautiful E until their bedtime.  Mommy E and I chatted the night away and missed Mommy J even more.   Wishing our next playdate will be soon and they’ll be present then.

7 thoughts on “Playdate: Green Eggs and Caterpillars

    • thanks sis and thanks for the link! 🙂 ang galing din. we did thought of separating the yolk first pero i-sa-scramble muna saka ilalagay si egg white. we didn’t try if it will work. so thanks for the link. now we’ve got something that is tried and tested. :). ..

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