Playdate: Shapes

Last week my bestfriend asked me if Little Cat, her godson, can already distinguish shapes.  I said no and explained that I prioritize teaching him values and good manners and refining the use of his body.  I’m proud to say that Little Cat knows how to pray, say thank you, welcome and please, has a way of saying sorry, knows how to wait on most times and has an incredibly long attention span for his age.   (Praying he remains the same ’til he grows up!)

Come this Monday’s playdate with Adorable A, I found it hard choosing what book to read for the story time.  I can’t choose just any because it sets up the succeeding activity/ies.  Then I finally gave in to shapes.  We’ll have a shape-themed playdate then.

Little Cat has three books about shapes.  Dr. Seuss’ The Shape of Me and Other Stuff Board Book edition,  Ellen Stoll Walsh’ Mouse Shapes and Grace D. Chong’s God’s Favorite Shape.  I chose the last one because we’ve never read a book by a Filipino author before and because I find it easier to discuss with the little kids.  I surely felt like a teacher thinking about a lesson plan. 😉

God's Favorite Shape by Grace D. Chong / Ggie A. Bernabe

After mapping out my “lesson plan,” I prepared some of the materials that we’ll use.  I made two sets of cut-out shapes from an illustration board and set aside some of Little Cat’s shape related toys.

Fisher Price Shape Sorter and Melissa & Doug Shape Peg Puzzle

Then off we went to Mommy R and Adorable A’s home for our playdate.

When we got there, we were happy to see AA’s 6 year old aunt – whom Little Cat learned to call Ate – to be there too.  And so there were three happy and excited kids that day. 🙂

July 25 Playdate Structure:

  • Free play
  • Clean up
  • Circle Time
  • Story Time – I read to them God’s Favorite Shape.  The first pages of the book presents a shape and in each first paragraph, some objects were identified to be of that shape.  Before reading, I showed them the cut out shapes I made and let them hold it.  I gave them the corresponding toy shape to pass around too.  Then after reading the first paragraph, I asked the kids what else they think have that shape.  Ate was the only one vocal enough to participate in the discussion but we still pointed out to LC and AA the objects that are circle, square, oval, etc.

A page in God's Favorite Shape

  • 1st Activity – Tracing shapes.  We used the cut-outs for this.  The mommies guided the little ones in tracing.  We were free to make-up anything from the shapes so LC’ and I made something like a rocketship.

Tracing Shapes

  • Merienda
  • Circle Time
  • 2nd Activity – We had the obstacle course again with the slide and a tunnel.  At the end of the course, Ate asks the little kids for a particular shape and they’re supposed to hand it to her.
  • Circle Time – We had a lot of singing that day, having a couple or more of songs in between activities.
  • 3rd Activity – Molding clay shapes.  We used Mommy R’s homemade clay and the shapes from the shape-sorter as molds. LC wasn’t icky about the clay! 🙂

Playing with homemade clay

  • Closing Song – Instead of a goodbye song, we sang a new song!  We had Eric Carle’s From Head To Toe in preparation for the next playdate. 😉

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