Moving Out and Moving In Day


By the time this post gets published, the movers have arrived to load our stuff in their truck.  They were the same ones we hired the first time we moved – from our first apartment to here, my father’s place.  I wonder if they’ll be scratching their heads how come we got more stuff now compared before.   And the additional pieces are notably heavy and bulky furniture.

We were able to acquire some Narra furniture from a live auction (fun and exciting experience I may say! 🙂 ).  We’ll also be bringing my Narra bed from my room.  Then we’ll pass by Ate’s, Hubby’s older sister, for our refridgerator since we asked her to keep it while we’re at my father’s house.

Moving on (pun can’t be more appropriate! 😉 ), I will definitely be busy setting up our new place.  But to keep this blog going, I’ve prepared some that are scheduled to be online the following days.  ‘Til then! 🙂

And oh! How I wish next time we move, it will be from the apartment to our very own home sweet home… How I would love to tell you about our dream house.  The totality and some specifics are something we’re still discerning though.  We can’t dream and pray for any house we’ll later not want, right?  Just the same, by God’s will, we pray to be given the means and resources to make our dream home come true. 🙂


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