Book Loots for July

Let it be known that I love bargain bookstores.  Who wouldn’t?  One can buy at less than half the price from the big bookstores.   Sometimes the books are in excellent condition.  They look good as new.  You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference!

My and bargain bookstores’ “loving relationship” actually started from a one-way affair back in college.  Used text and reference books for my course were hard to come by even in Recto, but I was always on the look out.  Things took a better turn when I took a diploma course.  Occasionally, I found references for my assignments.  And then when Little Cat was born and I wanted to surround him with books,  I became madly in love. 😉

For last month alone, I was able to check out 5 Booksale branches.  Five!  Plus other bargain stores such as 2 Chapters and Pages stalls and 2 Books for Less branches.

For the record, I did not purposely went out just for them.  Honest! I just made sure that every time I’m out of the house, I’ll pass by the nearest one or two or three. 😀

July was a bountiful month.  I got these to add to our growing library:

Good Night, Gorilla ‘s not a hard to find book but I finally grab one for LC last month.  Good thing I did since LC likes it very much and I find it cute too.

The Feelings Book by Todd Parr is quite costly compared to board books of the same size and not so popular authors but then, I don’t usually come across story books about feelings so I bought it.  I love that I can tell LC more about feelings.  LC loves it too. 🙂 We get a lot of facial exercise from this book. 😉

There’s a Wolf at The Door by Zoe B. Alley / R.W. Alley is a retelling of five classic tales.  I have yet to read it because I kinda got frustrated that it’s super super big.  I can’t put it upright in any of my bookshelves.

My other haul, and with which I am more than happy about, are the classics.   All lapbook sizes and are in excellent condition! 🙂

I also got myself Parenting With Spirit 30 Ways to Nurture Your Child’s Spirit and Enrich Your Family’s Life.  Now, if only I can read parenting books to LC so it wouldn’t just be children’s book I’m always reading…


10 thoughts on “Book Loots for July

  1. i’ll start surrounding Yo na din with books, i want him to love them as much or even more than I do. may malapit na Booksale pala sa amin, just a stroll away and I’m loving the idea of raiding them regularly! haha.

    great blog Mama CAT, i’m loving mommy blogs na talaga 🙂

  2. Mommy R says:

    your addiction to bargain books is contagious, dumadami kalaban natin sa booksale and books for less 😀

    • hi sis maqui! 🙂 i bought it at booksale robinson’s place ermita. i saw some copies at booksale megamall and books for less shopwise-commonwealth branch before deciding to buy the one at rob place.

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