Not The Usual Read

Amongst all the clutter and of all reading materials in the room, LC picked up and handed me a catalog.

“Baaaa-saaaa” (read).

I said no and for him to pick something else. He frowned at me and again said, “baaa-saaa.” He was insistent and kept pushing the catalog at me. Fine.

Me (sliding my fingers under the words): Buena Mano. Q2 2011. Greater Metro Manila Area. (I started feeling through the pages to skip as many as I could.) Free copy.
LC (before I could lift the front page, grabbed my finger and pointed it to the words at the bottom page): Mmm! Mmm!
Me: Where good buys need not be expensive.

I spent the next minutes randomly pointing to him foreclosed houses for sale and telling him how much they are. After two pages, he closed the catalog and left me. I think he realized he can’t afford any of them yet. ;p


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