Going Organic – List of Organic Food Farmers and Suppliers

One of the many roles of a mother is becoming the family’s nutritionist.  It’s usually the mother who decides what the family eats, dictates the kitchen operation and puts the foot down the grocery and market list.  I’m in full capacity of taking on this function now that we’re living on our own.  That in mind, with my eczema, with Hubby getting a couple of hypertension episodes recently, and with LC in his formative years, I compelled myself to give our family the healthiest meals I can think of and what we can practically afford.  But time has passed when eating healthy is just about getting the right balance of go, glow and grow foods.

What gives?  Livestock are injected with growth-hormones and bombarded with antibiotics.  Fish bio-accumulate dioxins and PCBs. (This I know since college yet I have and still eat fish with gusto. =| ) Farmed fishes are said to be fed with genetically modified corn or whatever feeds.  Plants are GMO or are grown with harmful chemicals to achieve commercial targets.  They might be growing on polluted soil too.  Kangkong (water spinach) are harvested from the floodgates.  Shell fishes and crustaceans are filter feeders (that’s a fact) – so I consider them garbage feeders in polluted waters.  But that’s just me.  What’s my family to eat then?

To the more discerning, one also concerns himself now if the food is organic, natural, free of toxins, pesticides and insecticides, grown in good conditions, not genetically modified and not induced with artificial hormones.  Great thing these days, more and more people are realizing the natural and healthy way of living.  More farmers are being into organic and bio-dynamic agriculture.  Every now and then, new avenues spruce up as to where to get these particular produce.  Some groceries like in SM, Rustan’s, Landmark, Shopwise and Robinson’s already have organic sections.  Healthy Options have more branches now.  Weekend markets all over the metro have stalls that sell organic vegetables, fruits, eggs, dairy and meat.  There are also the ones seen and talked about in the grapevine.

Jenny of Chronicles of The Nursing Mom has a review on organic food suppliers that does deliveries, some of which she has personally tried.  Her post also contains a list of suppliers by Down to Earth and another list from Smart Parenting website written by Dainty Mom who earlier shortlisted some in her blog.  I also came across a couple of others from Market Manila.

One of the local organizations for organic farmers, producers, processors and dealers

To facilitate easy referencing, I’ve consolidated their list in no particular order and with short notes. Do refer to the prior links for feedback and more inputs.  If the link to the supplier’s site do not work, do google as they probably moved to another site like it was with Herbana Farms’ links in Jenny’s post and Market Manila’s write-up about Herbana.

  • Good Food Co. – seasonal vegetables, fruits and salad greens.  (EDITED 7/27/2014) So much has improved with Good Food logistics. There are more hubs or pick-up points and options now. Please explore their website to know more. On one hand, you can refer to our 4-week trial run here for some honest feedback.
  • Shusaesh Farms, Inc. – vegetables, free range duck, chicken, goose, turkey and eggs.  Contact Mr. Yatsuka Shinozaki at 0917-8388081 for orders.  Delivers door-to-door.
  • Emporium Antipolo – vegetables, fruits, sun-baked sea salt from Ilocos, honey, coffee beans, coco sugar, herbs, mushrooms, etc.  Products can be bought from their store.  They also deliver door-to-door in limited areas.
  • Herbana Farms – vegetables, fruits, herbs. Buy at Salcedo Weekend Market and Mercato Centrale.  Pioneer in organic farming in the Philippines.  Gil Carandang, the owner, is the president of Independent Organic Inspectors Association of the Philippines  (IOIAP). Conducts seminars on organic farming, raising livestock naturally, and others.
  • Organic Manila – vegetables, potted herbs, ducks, free-ranged chickens, etc. from its farms in Benguet.  Pick-up at Pasig, Makati, Quezon City.
  • The Green Grocer Manila – vegetables, herbs, fruits, coffee, deli meat, etc.  Delivers door-to-door every Wednesday and Friday.  Current delivery areas are limited to Makati, Alabang, Paranaque and Taguig.  Meet-ups, possible.
  • Green Halo Organic Store and Cafe – vegan meals in cafe and offers organic sweeteners, coffee, tea and chocolates in store. Shop at 11, Cubao Expo Commercial Center, Romulo St., Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City.
  • My Personal Farmer – vegetables, herbs and pineapple from its farm in Bukidnon.  Pick-up from a “village mother” in Alabang, Pasay, Makati, Mandaluyong, San Juan and Quezon City.
  • GreenEarth Heritage Foundation Philippines – vegetables, fruit and herbs grown from farms at the foot of Sierra Madre in San Miguel, Bulacan.  Contact 0939-3295917 or (02)815 2978. Delivers for free at Makati and Bonifacio Global City locations.
  • Down to Earth – grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork and native chicken, vegetables, herbs, chicken, etc. Delivers door-to-door from Thursdays to Saturdays.  Also available at Salcedo and Legaspi weekend markets.
  • Institute for Steiner’s Ideas in Practice (ISIP) Philippines – rice, vegetables, herbs, coco sugar, salad greens, fruits, free-ranged chicken and eggs are sold on Tuesdays in its ISIP Center in Makati. Conducts trainings on bio-dynamic agriculture.
  • Holy Carabao Holistic Farms – vegetables, herbs, freshly extracted juice, eggs, rice, milk, kesong puti, feta cheese in olive oil, etc.  Delivers door-to-door.
  • Pamora Farms – live French breed chicken, dressed chicken, eggs, homemade pates from its poultry farm in Abra. Dressed and frozen poultry available in Legaspi weekend market in Makati, Santi’s Delicatessen, Terry Selection, The Green Shop at Market! Market!, Shopwise, Rustan’s and SM Hypermart.  Trivia: Amanpulo serves Pamora chickens.
  • Prado Farms – some fruits, herbs and biodynamic lechon.  Contact 0920-9831329 to order lechon weeks in advance.  Provides overnight accomodation, occasional harvest dining experiences, agricultural trainings and farm tours at its farm in Lubao, Pampanga.
  • Naturella Farm Store / Solraya’s Sunshine Chicken – pasture-raised chicken and pigs, and coconut nectar.  Delivers for a minimum order of Php1000.  Pick-up at Philam Homes, QC for any amount of order.  Also available at Eton Centris and Mercato Centrale weekend markets.  Conducts regular training on raising pastured chickens.
  • Kablon Farm in South Cotabato – jams,  jellies, purees, pure tablea, coconut vinegar, concentrated coco nectar, and chili powder. Contact Ernesto B. Pantua Jr. at  (083)2288508 or email ebpjr_kablon@yahoo.com.ph.
  • Glinoga Organic Farm – vegetable, fruit, chicken from its farm in Pitogo, Quezon.  Available at AANI weekend market at FTI, Taguig or contact Weng at 0922-8776493.
  • Green Babes in the City – chicken, chicken and duck eggs, longganisa, tapa cut, pork adobo cut, etc.  Contact 0917-8307399 or 0917-8153132.  They have a booth at Eastwood Mall, QC on Saturdays.  That’s where we bought our organic chicken eggs before.

Whew! What a long list.  I’m pretty sure there’s more out there.  If you know of any or if you are a dealer for or a producer of organic food, please drop me a line in the comment section.

Choosing to go organic comes with a cost.  It is like getting the finely handcrafted natural leather bag instead of the machine manufactured synthetic leather one.  I know health is to be invested in but I also know we’re financially tight.  I still have to choose wisely which one will fit with our budget, time and money-wise.

From the list, Good Food Co. is among the ones that fit in our monthly food budget.  One of their pick-up points is relatively near us too.  So backed-up with Rowie of Pinoybaby’s recommendation, I emailed Good Food Co. to be one of their shareholders for their new season. We had our first week of goodies last Saturday.  (We couldn’t go with the August 13 season start since we’re out-of-town for a week. That explains why I wasn’t blogging then.  I hope this post makes up for it. 🙂 )  I’ll make a review-slash-diary about our experience in another post.  (And okay, I’ll blog about our vacation in yet another post. 😉 )  After the four weeks or as we go along, I’ll be engaging with other suppliers to see which one – or two – will be best for my family.

To end this post, I want to stress that organic is not only good for us.  It’s also good for Mother Earth and for future generations.  I don’t have to say more. 🙂


52 thoughts on “Going Organic – List of Organic Food Farmers and Suppliers

  1. Pingback: Eat Organic Food
    • Livegreen International Incorporated is a producer and distributor of fresh organic vegetables from Benguet.
      They supply to major supermarkets under the brand “Organicus”. You can find their products at Landmark, Hypermart, Robinsons, Rustans, Shopwise, SM.

      Their website is http://www.livegreen.ph. They accept orders through phone and deliver right at your doorstep.

  2. ezra tabiliran says:

    hi fellow mommy… im interested in putting up a small business selling organic food here in lapu lapu city, cebu. im a newbie in business, and would like to start small. can you help me identify which suppliers will be best considering my location. and perhaps, indulge me with any inputs in this prospective small business that im dreaming of. thank you and more power…

    • organok says:

      Hi mommy ezra, just to inform you that we already found way to produce organic chicken/egg at the same rate as non organic.. So we can able to offer healthy option to our ordinary families. We are looking for distributors.. E mail me @ paul_pages2@yahoo.com

    • Marilyn Andales says:

      Hello Ezra, I am from Lapu-Lapu. I supply organic vegetables, fruits, organic pork, goat meat, native chicken, fresh goat milk, organic longganisa, tocino, chorizo, and etc. You can contact me at 09176243719/09276002490.

  3. ernesto limjoco says:

    There is a Brand selling organic eggs that go by the name Juan Organic is a hoax, they are not real organic eggs they just want to make money out of the name organic please pass around. you can find them in SM and Landmark but not in Rustans

  4. janice lara says:

    hi we are producing types of organic cabbages. we can discuss some thru email . we are looking forward for your reply….

  5. Arlene says:

    hi there,we at La Familia proudly produce quality and fresh oyster and ganoderma mushroom, and open to accept order of plant-to order straw paddy mushroom, we also can supply organic native pigs and chicken, plus goat,duck and quail.thanks

      • unhappyeggs says:

        hello good am. we have a small organic egg farm and we are in dire need of a local distributor. the problem with small organic farms is that most of us do not have the time, the resources, and the business connections to reach out to our target market. pls do contact me at 09267482408. i apologize if i may not answer your call since most of the time i am the one doing the deliveries. thank you and good day

    • Aviator1 says:

      Hi Arlene,

      I’m an American living in San Juan, Ilocos Sur and would like to know more about your organic foods (oysters, chicken. eggs, etc.). Please leave a number or website for me to visit.

      Cpt.Michael R. Metzler sr.
      Army Helicopter Test Pilot
      Teacher of English Speakers of Other Languages
      0916 235 3117

  6. Berna Lacza says:

    Hi there! I am i live in manila but i also have a place in gilmore ave.any input as to which of these in the list are ok?
    Prompt and good service?
    Affordable or reasonable prices?

    Let me know which ones to try first..thanks!

    • Hi! As of now (9/17/2014), I have only updated the links of the following:

        Good Food Co.
        Emporium Antipolo
        Green Grocer
        Green Earth
        Green Babes in the City

      And also deleted some items and links which are no longer working or I can’t seem to find their new website.

      Moreover, kindly refer to previous comments as some have expressed that they supply organic produce. Hopefully, I’ll have the time to include them in the main post.

      Thank you for your comment! 🙂

      Thank you! 🙂

      • Weng says:

        Glinoga Organic Farm is temporarily not in AANi FTI since after typhoon Glenda. But we still cater to our customers at home.
        Should you need our products please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 09228776493 or (02) 2393742.
        Thanks a lot Mama RAT

      • Just an update. Kindly include our company – Livegreen International Incorporated as supplier of organic fresh vegetables and organic processed products. Thank you.

  7. Louise Dichoso says:

    Greetings dear author, I was just wondering if there are any organic farmers or any known market for organic poultry products in Bicol Region. I’m just 23 y/o but really eager in starting my own organic poultry farm and has been researching about it for the last 5 months. I would just like to know if the demand for this revolution is ample enough to invest my savings in it. Planning to buy a 1 hectare land for it. Quite serious. 😉

    Any reply in connection with organic farming is highly appreciated. learning as much as I can before submerging thoroughly.

    Thanks and More Power to a Healthy Lifestyle!!!!

  8. Greetings! May I also have my company be posted in the list? We are Batangas Free Range Chicken and supplies free range chicken and eggs coming from Batangas. Our egg brand is ALA EGGS (ALternative Agriculture in producing EGGS) and can be found primarily at Makati Supermart-Alabang. We produce free range chicken eggs the best way we know. Other products inlude PICKLED PAJO (small mango tart) and we produce volume of vermicompost.

  9. Hello. Our company, Livegreen International Incorporated is interested in distributing your eggs in Metro Manila. We presently distribute organic fresh vegies to 21 supermarkets. Kindly provide us with your delivery terms. You may get in touch with me at 09209775111 or email me at celysto@yahoo.com.

    Our website is http://www.livegreen.ph

    Thank you and we hope to do business with you soon.

    Cely Sto. Domingo

    • Gemma T. Montilla says:

      Mam Cely, why aren’t you supplying SM Lipa or Robinsons Lipa. I live close to Lipa and I am in constant need of organic veggies and fruits. I hope you can also be partners with them. Thank you.

  10. Greetings Sir / Ma’am.

    Abundant Agri Marketing authorized distributor of J-777 Organic Foliar Fertilizer in Northern Luzon. We are looking for a distributor in your area. Maybe you can look into our product. If you think you can add our product in your business, or refer us to your friends interested in this line of business, we like to talk to you in person.

    Please visit us at:

    Facebook Page: Abundant AGRI Marketing

    Facebook: Abundant Marketing

    Website: http://www.abundantfarming.com

    Email: abundant367@gmail.com

    My Cp No.: 09228481963 / 09282802371 / 09163981501

  11. I am planning of putting up my own Organic Juice Online Shop this coming August 2015. I am looking for a an organic supplier who can possibly deliver the veggies at home (ORGANIC VEGGIES ONLY). I live in Taguig as of the moment but sometimes go home to my Home town Baguio City. I am okay for pick in nearby areas. You may send me your product list at mgrivera1990@gmail.com

  12. Good Day! We are from Primero Organic located here in Sto. Tomas Batangas. We are looking for possible client where we can supply our product. Kindly help us on how we can sell our ORGANIC GREEN PAPAYA. Thank you in advance.

  13. Hi! Everyone, Our farm is located at Foridablanca Pampanga. We are currently raising hogs naturally, that are raised in a humane way, never given antibiotics or added hormones, and fed a pure vegetarian diets and fermented organic feeds. ARD farm is raising pigs the old fashioned way,on a well ventilated ceiling/pig pen and in deeply bedded pen. They grow happy and healthy even without the use of antibiotics, hormones or drugs. Few Insights of how we raised our hogs. For interested clients, kindly email us @ ardlonglifefarm@gmail.com or call 09256041683. Thank you and godbless us all

  14. Jaja Feliciano says:

    Hi, we are an authorized supplier of Guyabano Juice Concentrate. For inquiries, you may contact us at 0905 2748318. Thank you.

  15. carmencita corpuz says:

    I want to start the business of retailing organic goods, can you give me their contact number/email address, I’m planning to have the shop in Trece Martires City Cavite

  16. Derrick Abarabar says:

    Hi am a local natural native pig farmer looking for a business partner where I can supply fresh pork meat cuts

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