Our First Week of Good Food

We have made a significant step to better health. We’re now “grass-eaters” more than ever, chowing down more vegetables than before. And they’re all organic! 🙂

Two weeks ago I emailed Good Food Co. that my family wants to be one of their stakeholders.  I learned about them from Rowie of Pinoybaby.  Good Food Co. is a group supporting small-scale organic farmers in Capas, Tarlac.

We committed to four weeks of all organic, seasonal and freshly harvested vegetables and fruits. We got our first bag of goodies last Saturday.   As I’ve said in a earlier post, I will make a review-slash-diary of our experience.  Read on to know what went through our weeks with good food from Good Food.  (The Good Food name is so apt for organically good food, don’t you think? 🙂 )

Week 1:  Surprise!

What’s in the bag?  How were they when we got them?  Here’s what we got:

Good Food Goodies and Recipe for August 20, 2011

August 20, 2011 Good Food goodies

Notable notes on the goody bag:

  • We got 10 pieces of saba (plantain bananas).  They were sweet!  But they were already fully-ripe.  Hubby and I each wolfed down a piece while checking the bag.  As we got through the week, we had to consume them all together with another bunch of bananas – lakatan – before they go to waste.  The lakatan was given by my Papa when we visited him. It’s hard to say no since it’s specially meant for little LC.  All the bananas got me constipated for two days. =| However, whether or not we had other bananas in the house, I wished the saba were not as ripe as they were.  My father buys a bunch of lakatan or latundan AND saba everyweek.  He ALWAYS buy them still green, and we still end up eating all of them in time for the next market day.
  • I appreciate how the stalk tips of the kamote tops were cut pantay-pantay and they were bunched up neatly (OC alert! ;P ).  Bunched up kamote tops sold in wet markets and groceries are a far cry.  Too bad it can’t be seen in the picture.
  • One of the 3 pieces of kamote we got was heavily bruised (lamog) up to the insides so Hubby and I doubt if it were because of transport.
  • We got a recipe along with the produce which was nice.  However, I wish the recipe is on a vegetable that’s not so popular in the kitchen.  I was racking my brains on what to do with the bunch of mustasa.

Our week’s viands and side-dishes were in the goodies played a starring or bit role:

Pechay and Mushroom Stir Fry

  • Squash with MalunggayLeaves
  • Pechay and Mushroom Stir Fry
  • Fried Saba halves as side dish to Ampalaya
  • Tinola with Malunggay Leaves
  • Mustasa Salad 
  • Boiled Cassava
  • Kamote Fries
  • Blanched Kamote Tops
  • Sinigang Soup with Mustasa (I just heated diluted sinigang mix and threw in the leaves.  I know, the sinigang mix is not natural and organic.  We’re taking it one step at a time.  We’ll eventually banish all mixes soon 😉 )
  • Bicol Express (This is for Sunday lunch with Hubby’s family actually.) 

General observations and realizations:

  • Except for one of the kamotes, I was happy with how everything looked fresh.  I still consider the fully ripe saba fresh…
  • The quantity came as a surprise.  Days before the pick-up, Good Food posts in the website what will be received on Saturday. However,  I did not expect that o.x kilo of mustasa, talbos ng kamote and siling pansigang can be that much.
  • I have to plan the weekly menu based on the delivery.  We came home Friday night from a week-long vacation so I wasn’t able to sit down and plan a menu.  I was on the verge of cursing the mustasa upon seeing them. ;p I end up concocting a mustasa salad. More on the weekly menu, I guess I should have cooked the kamote earlier in the week to avoid the constipation I got from eating 2-3 bananas in a day.
  • I had to learn and check if I’m storing the goods properly.   The greens were wilting sooner than I expected and the cassava had mildew after a few days.
  • The goodies are not stand-alone.  I still had to buy some stuff in the grocery or wet market to complete the ingredients for our weekly menu.
  • Our household is composed of only me, Hubby and 1 year old LC.  We had to consume all or most of them before they go to waste.  It’s a good thing in a way since we will be forced to eat more veggies.  Veggie on a morning, lunch and dinner.  All good! 🙂
I was supposed to put in one entry all four weeks but seeing the first week log too long, I’ll just chop them up per week.

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