Mustasa In My Salad

I knew of only one use for mustasa: Sinigang sa Miso.  When our first bag of organic vegetables and fruits came with a big bunch of them – more than what a Sinigang for 2 1/3 people need – I had to find other ways to utilize them.  I did some recipe research and learned they’re good for salad too! 🙂

My Mustasa Salad


  • fresh mustasa leaves – blanched and cut into bite size pieces
  • celery stalk – chopped finely
  • onion – chopped coarsely
  • eggplant – boiled or roasted and cut into strips
  • tomato – cut into quarters


  • balsamic vinegar
  • honey
  • calamansi juice
Hubby and I think my mustasa salad is good.  It’s probably because of the balsamic vinegar dressing though ;P  Or the fact that most greens can be used for garden salad. 🙂 Either way, I’m glad I know another way to eat mustasa.   Especially since it lowers cholesterol and is cancer preventive.

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