Prepping Up For The Biggest Book Fair

I’m saving my book allowance for this:

32nd Manila International Book Fair

Scholastics, Adarna House, OMFLit, Lampara Publishing, Shepherd’s House Publishing, WS Pacific and a whole lot of other publishers and printers in the country with sales and promos to boot are housed in this annual fair.   I was ecstatic and overwhelmed last year. Will be going there prepared and with a battle plan this year. 😉

I am saving up for it but I couldn’t help not buy these for LC:

August book loots for the little guy

LC loves his new Todd Parr book – Who’s Your Best Friend.  I’ve been reading it to him almost every day since we bought it.  When I saw it in Booksale SM City Cebu Branch (Yes, we were on vacation but still bargain book hunting! ;p ) I showed it to LC without meaning to buy it.  The best friend concept I think he couldn’t grasp yet.  But his eyes lit up and I knew he recognized the drawing style.  Then he said something that sounds like ‘Todd.’  So we took the book home from Cebu.

I like the ‘My Love For You’ counting board book by Susan Roth. It’s something similar to ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ by Sam McBratney.

“My love for you is bigger than 1 bear, taller than 2 giraffes, larger than 3 blue whales…”

And among the five, I’m looking forward to fun times with LC on this one:

Inside Copy Cats Animal Actions


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