I Am A SuperMom

I was supposed to join Jenny and Mec‘s Breastfeeding Carnival this August.  However, I couldn’t write something coherent with the month’s theme, plus some other reasons.  I could not let August past without a breastfeeding-related post though.  August is breastfeeding month in the country!

I’ve been breastfeeding for 20 months now.  I’ve had my fair share of frustrations, challenges, ‘lil triumphs and those heartwarming, funny and awkward moments.  I’ll tell about it some other time. For now, I want to make a validation for myself.

I make milk.
I have superpowers.
I am also a “Super Mom.”

Some full-time moms can take care of 1+N children, work-at-home, cook meals, do household chores, homeschool their kids, maintain a high traffic blog, do crafts, be great wives and stay fabulous all at the same time.  Wow!  I salute them.  I wish to be like them or even one-fourth as capable as they are.

But knowing that some moms can be as efficient, it also makes me feel insecure, incompetent, inadequate.  (sigh) I know things will get better in time.  I will get better in time.  I will be a Super Mom too someday!

Then again, I am already a Super Mom.  I have super powers too!  I can also do some household chores while carrying and supplying super milk to our Super Toddler.  Ain’t that super? 😉

Cheers to all breastfeeding moms! 🙂


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