Herbal Nightmare

My lemon basil, sweet basil, oregano (and kangkong) in the haus

My lemon basil, sweet basil, oregano (and kangkong) in the haus

Worms were crawling on my basil plants!  WAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

Good thing it was just a dream.  But it got me more worried.  You see, I bought lemon basil and sweet basil two weeks ago.  I asked the seller some pointers on taking care of them.  I even asked if they need some special soil.  When I transferred them into a pot, I just added soil from my father’s backyard.  I wasn’t confident about it so I googled a bit.  Turned out they ‘don’t like their feet wet.’  They, basil and other herbs, are sun worshipers and want well-draining soil.  The soil I added in the pot were not exactly well-draining.  😦

So I was worried.  So worried I even dreamed about them.  When rains started pouring the past days, I placed them in the house.  Now my problem is my lemon basil is dying.  But maybe she just needs some sunshine?

Mr. Sun, show up PLEASE!!!!


LC’s Turn to Read

One night while waiting for Daddy Cat to come home from work, Little Cat asked me to read him a book.   After reading to him LC took the book, returned it properly to the bookshelf and picked another book.  Before he could say ‘Baaa-saaa,’ I got the book from his hands and nudge it to him like he does to us.  Then I said, “Basa.  Please?  Please?”  He looked puzzled, hesitated, whined a bit, and then gave in.

Here ares some pictures of him “reading.”  I just wished we had a video camera.  It was soooo amusing hearing him read-aloud the book in his alien language while pointing here and there.  😉

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4 Weeks of Good Food: Conclusion

This is the (super late) 4th and last installment of my journal on getting fresh and organic veggies and fruits from Good Food Co.  As with the previous journals, I’ll begin with the week’s supply.  The content is listed below.  We also got a newsletter.

The newsletter we got. Good Food posted a readable copy in their site. Click the photo to be directed to their post.

  • 10 pcs. saba
  • kalabasa
  • talbos ng kamote
  • chinese kangkong
  • mani
  • mustasa
  • native pechay
  • tomato
  • malunggay
  • red onion
  • gabi
  • kamote
  • bayabas

For our week’s menu, we basically had the same dishes.  Nothing new except the pan-grilled dory which was topped with malunggay pesto and melted cheese.  Hubby and I liked it so much.  LC ate it with gusto.  He loves fish and sometimes munches on cheese for merienda so I’m pretty sure it was a winner for him.

We only committed to 4 weeks with Good Food Co.  We’re no longer one of their stakeholders BUT, Continue reading

I Rather Teach Him How

to climb and slide down the bed the safest way I know, than refrain him from doing so.  It is the same thing with chairs and stairs.  I am well aware of the safety issues, but I believe shielding him from possible harm does not make things any better.

So at 8 months old, LC has been been sliding down the bed with confidence.  It was an important milestone for me.  I worried less over him falling from the bed.  Weeks after, he learned and found different means to climb up the bed.  That includes pushing a box to step on.

Also at 8 months, he’s been climbing the whole flight of stairs on fours.  At 10 months, he learned to go down the stairs sideways,  both hands holding the balusters.  Since then, he’s been climbing everywhere.  Of course he still gets scratches and bumps.  Nothing major though.  I think he learned to protect himself in the process.

When we moved in our apartment, I worry little about the stairs.  What did get me fidgety were plugs and sockets.  And the kitchen.  I gave him lessons about them.

BUT honestly, I’m thinking if I did right.  Maybe I should have just banned him from those.   Here’s a “Huli Ka! Ano na namang ginagawa mo?” scene this morning.