How To Keep a Toddler-Safe Kitchen

The little guy is now more involved in the kitchen.

So cute right? 🙂  

He can also turn the dial on the oven toaster now and knows which parts can get hot.  He also knows he can get water from the water container.

I really appreciate how familiar and knowledgeable in the kitchen he is becoming.  For all we know, he might be a Junior Master Chef or an Iron Chef someday.  *wish*

It’s also very sweet how eager he wants to help me with the chores.  Oh! Yeah… All little kids love to “help.”  Let’s just hope LC will carry this on until he grows up. 😉

Cute, sweet, a darling really.  But it stress me out sometimes. What normally takes a few minutes to accomplish turn to hours with additional chores to be done.  Just imagine how it was when LC “helped” me wash the dishes.  I had to change him to dry clothes, dry the chair used so he can reach the sink, wipe the whole counter top dry and mop the floor too.

Sometimes, it can be heart-stopping too.

I turned by back for only a few seconds and there he was!  He even brought his bench with him.  It seemed he was waiting for the right time to do the cooking himself.

I don’t want to ban him off the kitchen.  I want him to be involved in chores and learn about duties and responsibility early on.  But there’s the safety risk involved.

What to do?  Help!


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