Playdate: Colors!

Our previous playdate with Mommy R, Adorable A and Pretty Ate was about shapes.  We had Grace Chong and Ggie Bernabe’s God’s Favorite Shape to go along with it.  We have their book on colors too – God’s Favorite Color – so I thought we’ll have a color themed playdate next.   However, Mommy R and I settled on Ellen Stoll Walsh’s Mouse Paint instead.  We figured the kids will be able to relate more into the succeeding activity after hearing about Mouse Paint.

Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Playdate Theme: Colors

  • Free play
  • Clean up
  • Circle Time
  • Storytelling: Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh.  I just read until the part where “So they washed themselves down to a nice soft white” so to cover the idea of primary colors and mixing them to get more colors.  I doubt if the 1 year olds appreciate the concept but anyways, it’s very useful for 6-year old Ate.  We quizzed her a little on this.  I made color cut outs to pass around during the storytelling.
  • Activity: Mixing colors – small tubs of red, blue and yellow paint were made available to the kids.  They free-painted with the colors and mix them up to get “new” colors.
  • Wash up and Merienda – Snack times are always an opportune time to teach about waiting and falling in line to wash hands, and praying before meals.
  • Circle Time again
  • Activity: Color matching – Mommy R gathered some toys and household stuff of particular colors in a basket.  The kids were to get an item and match them to the right color guide posted on a wall.
  • Closing Song

This post is long overdue, almost a month overdue actually.  My bad!  And so the reason why this post is rather short compared to previous ones.


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