Make Time For Me Time

I had my hair cut last weekend.  Finally.  After 2 1/2 years.  5 inches off.  By a real hair stylist.

Well, I did have my hair trimmed thrice within those years.  By Hubby.

I was pregnant in the first 9 months.  It was my reason to procrastinate.  Then I gave birth to LC.  I found it so hard to make a trip to the parlor or salon.  Besides, I have wavy hair.  It doesn’t matter to me if my hair was cut straight or not.  Hubby then became my unwilling haircutter.

But when I finally had a trip to the salon last weekend,  I remembered how good it feels being pampered.  Wow… Happiness!  🙂 It gave me an ego boost too.  Much needed for the stay-at-home-mom and wife in me.

Note to self:  Make time for ME time.  There will always be something else to do or to spend on.  It will never end.  But I also need to pamper myself too.  I will schedule it.  Just like it is with paying the bills.


3 thoughts on “Make Time For Me Time

  1. agree, we need to be pampered too, para di ma-burn out from taking care of the people we love. we mommies must love ourselves too 🙂

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