Our 3rd Week of Good Food

When the contents of the coming delivery were posted in Good Food’s website, I can’t help feel a bit sad missing the previous salad-ful week.  But I was more than happy to see the variety of veggies.  I was excited about the puso ng saging.  I thought of having Kare-kareng Gulay which will also have eggplants, sitaw and pechay.  The complete contents of the bag were the following:

Puso ng Saging Kilawin by Chef Tatung

Puso ng Saging Kilawin by Chef Tatung

  • 10 pcs. saba
  • 1 puso ng saging
  • squash bunga
  • eggplants
  • chinese pechay
  • sitaw
  • lettuce romaine
  • okra
  • tomato
  • kamote
  • luya
  • sampalok

The veggies always come with a recipe. When Hubby came home with the loot, I was wowed seeing a recipe from Chef Tatung.  We didn’t do a Puso ng Saging Kilawin though.  Not Kare-kareng Gulay as I planned either.

Manang, my Papa’s househelp, was with us last Saturday.  I thought the puso was rather big so I thought we can have something else other than Kare-kare.  I asked Manang what she does with puso in her home (At Papa’s, we always have it with kare-kare).  Manang said she cooks it with malunggay.  Malunggay!  So we had Ginisang Puso ng Saging with Malunggay for dinner.  That day, I also learned that the edible part of puso ng saging is only small compared to when it’s still with its exteriors.

For the rest of the week we had the following viands and side dishes using the goodies:

  • Pinakbet (kalabasa, okra, talong, sitaw)
  • Pechay guisado
  • Salad (romaine lettuce)
  • Steamed okra
  • Kamote fries (Yes, we always have it like french fries.  LC eats them with gusto that way.)
  • Sosy adobong sitaw (Sosy because I used balsamic vinegar instead of the regular sugar cane vinegar)
  • Salabat / ginger tea

Hubby will be picking up a new bag of goodies hours from now and I still don’t know what to do with the sampalok.  Last week, the saluyot got me stumped.  It wilted before I had the courage to make it into salad.  I just made it into fertilizer for my potted garden so as not to make a total waste of our money and the farmer’s efforts.

I forgot to take a picture of the goodies, again.  What I do have though is a picture of the kamote.  We had one piece of beaten up (lamog) kamote on the first week.  I told Char (of Good Food Co.) about it sometime on the second week.  Char was kind enough to send a replacement together with the third week’s goodies.  Unfortunately, we ended up with two pieces of not so good kamote.

camote with skin on

under the skin


the whole bunch of camote

Greens are always with roots and they always look so fresh.  Tomatoes are perfect.  Veggies are perfect.  But I don’t know what’s with kamote and us.  Tough luck.  I took a picture of them to show Char.  Maybe there’s something with the current crop… It’s one reality with farming.  Our experience with the camote is also a reality that shareholders share the risks with the farmers.  So I don’t take this against them.  I just wish though we’ll get good camotes in the next bag of goodies.  And maybe replacements too 🙂


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