32nd MIBF Loot

My first MIBF experience was last year.  I was there on the first day.  I was so overwhelmed to see book sales and bargains of that magnitude.  I went back on the last day.  Still, I went home frustrated.  I wanted to buy more.  I felt taking home the entire book fair.

This time around, I’m a year wiser.  Still leaves a lot to be wanted, BUT I’m happy.  I did not feel taking home the fair anymore. 😉

One of the reasons I’m happy is because of this:

An autographed book!

Here’s a close-up:

I’m happy to get a good book, Bee Safe, autographed by both the author Joyce Piap-Go and the illustrator Maria Cristina Sison.  I was sold on the first safety guide.

Learn to be safe by not touching the pot. So timely for us! 😉

The last one is very important too.  I’m a little uncomfortable with it, but I know LC should know this.  I probably need to prepare for the ‘Why???’ just in case.

Bee Safe is a new children’s title from HIYAS, an imprint of OMF Literature Inc.  It was launched on the first day of the 32nd MIBF, and I happen to be there!  I wasn’t expecting it.  I actually didn’t knew about it, so I’m really happy going home with it. With autographs. 🙂

I’m also happy with the rest of my loot from the fair.

Got me and Hubby a (work)book with CD on marriage, a parenting book and… a big book of illustrated atlas and a book on why.  Geeky, I know. ;p  When Hubby came home from work, his eyes lit up like a child when he saw the atlas.  He’s more geeky than I am!  He used to pore over encyclopedias when he was a kid.  :O

Growing the Marriage of Your Dreams by Max Lucado and How to Really Love Your Child by Ross Campbell are available at bargain prices at OMFLit booth.  The atlas, the Why in the World, other references from Reader’s Digest, some big puzzle books and coffeetable books can be bought at the A-Z Marketing booth.  These are selling 2 books for 500pesos and 5 for 1000pesos.

And of course I went to Adarna books.  Bargain books start at 20 pesos.  But I only saw a handful of the 20s.  Most are 35, 50 and 100 pesos.

I also stopped by WS Publishing.  Their booth is known for the 10 peso books.  I didn’t find anything I want from those though.  What I did get was a book about a kid asking ‘Why?’ a million of times.  Yes! I’m preparing for the inquisitive toddler years. 🙂

There’s soooo many more booths and bargain treats for bookworms and bibliophiles.  National Book Store’s got a blockbuster following in the fair.  There’s also a whole section for educational toys.  I wish I could afford to buy more than what I got, but good thing budget and logistics stopped me.  Commuting with two big and heavy books is a challenge enough.  So I am done for this year’s book fair.

Or maybe not?? I actually asked a friend to buy some books for me yesterday.  And another friend will be going on the last day, Sunday, to have Samantha Sotto sign her book… hmmm… 😉


10 thoughts on “32nd MIBF Loot

  1. Joyce Piap-Go says:

    Hello Mommy Mama Rat, thank you for your kind words about my book. I am more than thrilled to see that you even wrote about BEE SAFE on your blog. It’s truly an encouragement. I hope you don’t mind because i have placed your blog on my FB wall. 🙂 I am on the process of writing my second BEE book. God willing, it will be out during the Book Fair next year. See you there and God bless your cute LC. May God continue to bless her abundantly.


    • I am so thrilled reading your comment! 🙂 Thank you Joyce. And thank you more for writing Bee Safe. I’ll be looking forward to your next Bee book. God bless you too! 🙂

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