These Toys Are Also For Boys

So I got some ‘It’s for girls’ comments in varying tones with regards to LC’s toy kitchen. Hubby included. But I’m happy he supported me on the decision knowing I have very good reasons for having one.

Little Cat is just like any little boy. He’s all over the house exploring, running around, climbing everywhere, reaching out and tinkering whatever his hands can get hold of. One of the things that sets him apart, or probably makes him more like any other kid, is his affinity to the kitchen and the mess he can make in there. He likes being in the kitchen. And that’s even before we got our own place. I took that as a cue to get him his own play set. Grounded on the belief that a toy kitchen – and some other “girly toys” – are just as beneficial to little boys, I went for it.

But what really are my reasons for getting one? Here they are:

1. to hone fine motor skills such as hand-eye coordination and other things;

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A Wooden Toy Kitchen For The Little Chef

Back in July, I was in search for the perfect wooden toy kitchen for Little Cat. There were only a handful who sell them locally. These are Voila – available online and in Toy Kingdom, and few other online stores such as Come And Play, Mother Garden Wooden Toys and Babysmiths Store. However, these wooden toy kitchens are too expensive for me, too pink for LC, rather small or simply not my type. We have limited budget and space, and this will be our once-in-a-blue-moon toy splurge, so I really have to like it too. I then went on to look elsewhere.

I found our perfect toy kitchen in Toys “R” Us in US. It’s wooden, appropriately sized and in gender-neutral color. It’s compact with a stove, a sink, an oven, a microwave, and some shelves. Most importantly for me and Hubby, it fits our budget.

After almost three months, a glitch and some hurdles, LC’s wooden toy kitchen is finally home with us. I have to thank God for angels E, A, S and K (most especially to my Bestest E!) who helped me bring it home to LC. We are blessed! And may God bless our angels more! ūüôā

Now without further ado, here are pictures to show.

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The Toddler’s Lesson For The Day: Domestic Arts

For a while I worried I’m not giving Little Cat enough developmental stimulation and learning activities. ¬†Juggling various roles has been my continued struggle since we moved on our own. ¬†I miss those days when I’d just prepare and do structured activities with LC, free play with him and just be the Mama and Nanny without being the all-around domestic diva.

Then days ago, an article was shared in N@W egroup.  The article is about homeschooling young kids written by Sarah Baldwin, an experienced Waldorf early childhood teacher.   The second and third sentence was enough to give me relief and reassurance that LC is doing just fine.

Young children will learn everything they need to know and be prepared for formal learning later by participating in family life, household tasks and receiving nurturing care. Continue reading

Finisher's medal

The Finisher

I’ve come across the title only in running events and races. ¬†The Finishers are those who complete the long distance courses such as the full 42K marathon. ¬†They get medals for it.

When Hubby, LC and I moved to our own place, I felt I became sort of a finisher too. ¬†Taga-ubos ng tira. ¬†Sayang eh!¬† The last bit of fish in the serving plate, the last couple of spoonfuls of rice in the platter, the last little mound of viand … I wolf them down instead of keeping them teeny-weeny servings for the next meal or throwing them in the garbage.

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SAHM Thinks Business

I was one of those who braved the throngs and traffic last weekend sale.   However, I was not in Megamall for the sale.  I was there to book a wedding supplier for a friend.  After booking the supplier, I got myself to the other trade hall exhibit.

It was by Kabuhayang Swak na Swak .  Being a stay-at-home-mom looking for ways to contribute to the family income, I was pleased to roam around and check the booths.  Exhibitors were small to medium enterprises, franchises for food kiosks and multi-level marketing outfits.

Boardwalk was there and I was talked into joining. ¬†No membership fee. ¬†Members get a considerably big discount so it will probably be for personal use, but then…¬†Manang, my father’s househelp, told me a neighbor’s help sometimes purchases up to Php15,000. ¬†Also, the other neighbors’ househelp regularly purchase something from the neighborhood dealer. ¬†I shelled out Php100 for the catalog and gave it to Manang, my father’s househelp, to market. ¬† Maybe I should be a Natasha, Dakki and Avon dealer too. ¬†¬†Hmm…

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Switch 2 Organics – An Organic Products Distributor

Got this from Kristine of Emporium Antipolo.  Posting them for everyone who are interested in organic products.

Switch 2 Organics (S2O) is a distributor of probiotic chicken and pork from Tapao Agri-Ventures, Inc., organic food products from Emporium Antipolo, organic rice and food products from Sibol People’s Store, breads and pastries from healthy bakes, organic corn coffee from Sumilao Farmers, organic home care products from Plantex Green , total dengue solution from Green Cow Philippines, organic personal care and beauty products from Skin Hour and baby care products from Planet Noah. ¬†See pictures below for their brochure. Continue reading