Afternoon Delights And Gym-micks

We can’t afford to send LC to Gymboree or to any toddler play schools.  We also can’t afford to let him loose and make our house his play gym… all the time.  I might end up with multiple seizures everyday.

Good thing we live a couple of blocks away from McDonalds.  On good days, LC and I walk to one of our happy places and give ourselves a treat.  A sundae cone, loads of gym play and social interaction for 10 bucks?  Gymbo can never beat that. 😉

The Ice Cream Monster

Gym Time! 🙂

LC’s favorite part… Slide!  Here are some pictures of him in the tube.  Minsan padapa na magpadulas at umaakyat na sa slide mismo.

I’m proud enough to say that I never accompanied LC inside the play structure.  Even on the first time he set his foot in it at 20 months old.  He’s never stuck at one point.  I’ve coached and prodded him a bit but it never came to a point that he seemed to stay there forever.  He does linger on some areas, but it is to enjoy in it.  He stops, but it is to observe the other kids and to watch out for himself.

We haven’t encountered any boo-boo’s even when he’s with other kids inside the play area.  Thank God.  I hope it stays that way: zero injuries.  So  I think (and moms can be very bias) at his age, he’s pretty agile and confident of himself.  And oh! saying goodbye to the play area is not a big production too.  A real proud mama here 🙂

Now I’d like us to be in a real park and play ground.  I’ve heard great stories about QC Circle.  I hope we can check it out soon…


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