On Saving And Becoming Millionaires

Hubby shared a great news as soon as he got home last night.   He attended a town hall and learned Citibank will formally launch a new savings product next week.   As he told me more about it, I got excited as he was.  To share with you the excitement, here are some quick details on the new savings account:

Rethink banking with Citibank

  • Php 50,000 minimum initial deposit
  • 3.5% interest per annum. (3.5%!)
  • Php 5,000 minimum monthly required deposit (forced savings is better than none at all)
  • financial planning assistance from a Personal Banker (!!!)
  • And more!

The 3.5% interest per annum for a savings account in a global bank such as Citibank is a lucrative offer.  But the Personal Banker?  Outstanding!

Only Citi Gold account holders (those who have 2M pesos to open an account) has an access to a Personal Banker before.  If the rich possibly gets richer with such a perk, all the more the poor should have one too to help manage their funds.  Right?

We’re far from being financially rich.  We don’t have millions to speak of.  We can’t even afford a maid, a yaya, a fancy android phone or any of Steve Job’s legacy products.  And we’ll actually be in a tight fit for the monthly 5k once we’ve slowly transferred all our funds from our other savings account.  But it is a fact that we are working to become millionaires in this lifetime.  🙂  I’ll blog about it soon.  For now, let me just say it matters to us if a professional will advice us where to park and invest our meager and hard-earned money.  So a Personal Banker we will have.  We hope he or she will help us reach for our millions sooner.

To us, to you and to all future millionaires, cheers! 😉


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