LC’s Prayer Before Meals

One of the major things we want to instill in LC is faith in God.  We’ve been hearing and attending Mass with him since he was half a year old.  We also try to teach him proper discipline when inside the church.  It’s awfully hard (and sad) though, when there are rowdy kids around.

At home, we pray before meals and before going to bed.  Praying before meals has been a longer practice for us.  That’s where we started teaching him about praying.  We even made it fun for him by incorporating some actions to go along with the words.  Then at the end of the prayer, he joins us in saying ‘Amen.’

Occasionally, he punctuates every prayer pause with “Aaaaaaa-men!!!”  It amuses me to think whether he wants us to finish the prayer to get right on the meal (or snack), or he just likes saying Amen.  I hope it’s the latter.  🙂  There are times when he prays on his own too – in his alien language.  That’s a more amusing and proud moment for me.  🙂

When I read Ree’s post on kids memorizing Bible verses, I thought of leveling up our praying times with LC.  I have started to let him say the prayer after me.

Here’s the standard part of our prayer before meals and the part which he says after me.

Mommy Mama Rat: God
Little Cat: Dud
MMR: is
LC: plis (Is sounds like please, that why he probably says please.)
MMR: good.
LC: dood
MMR: God
LC: Dud
MMR: is
LC: plisss
MMR: great.
LC: did!
MMR: Thank you (I put them together since he already knows ‘thank you’)
LC: tit tah (his version of thank you)
MMR: for
LC: offff
MMR: the
LC: da
MMR: food.
LC: offf
MMR: Amen.
LC: Aaaaaaa-men!!!

After only a few days, we’ve noticed he already says some of the words that will follow.  Kids are really amazing, noh?

I guess our new practice is a precursor to memorization.  In the long run, I hope LC will gain the same benefits Ree mentioned about memorization.  Another thing, I hope this will also stimulate his speech development.  I will be let him say other prayers soon.  And maybe soon after, he’ll lead our prayer times.  😉


7 thoughts on “LC’s Prayer Before Meals

  1. aww cutie! love the way he talks! breeze too loves saying amen. when she’s feeding at night and ate raine and i are praying, she stops and sleepily says amen before going back to feeding ;p

  2. tanivillamora says:

    Yes, it’s quite sad to see rowdy kids in Church especially when they are being loud and distracting. As for young kids who are a bit unmanageable while in Church, I feel sorry for their parents but I don’t get annoyed. I will only have to endure their antics for less than an hour. Their parents get to go home with them.

    It’s good practice to encourage kids to go to Church and converse with God through prayers. Mine have lots of questions about God, where He is and what He’ll do, and I try to be as patient as I can when answering them.

    Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog. God bless. 🙂

    • Thanks for dropping by Tani 🙂 I do hope we’re on the right track in raising spiritual children, and who are disciplined inside the church.

      BTW, I saw two books at the recent MIBF that may interest you as well. I’m thinking of buying them just to prep up for the days you’re having now. 😉

      The Big Book of Questions and Answers
      A Family Devotional Guide to the Christian Faith
      by Sinclair Ferguson

      The Big Book of Questions and Answers about Jesus
      A Family Devotional Guide to Jesus’ Life and Ministry
      by Sinclair Ferguson

      Both retails at P195. It was at 20% off at the MIBF. But it was only P117 when OMFLit had their sale last May.

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