SAHM Thinks Business

I was one of those who braved the throngs and traffic last weekend sale.   However, I was not in Megamall for the sale.  I was there to book a wedding supplier for a friend.  After booking the supplier, I got myself to the other trade hall exhibit.

It was by Kabuhayang Swak na Swak .  Being a stay-at-home-mom looking for ways to contribute to the family income, I was pleased to roam around and check the booths.  Exhibitors were small to medium enterprises, franchises for food kiosks and multi-level marketing outfits.

Boardwalk was there and I was talked into joining.  No membership fee.  Members get a considerably big discount so it will probably be for personal use, but then… Manang, my father’s househelp, told me a neighbor’s help sometimes purchases up to Php15,000.  Also, the other neighbors’ househelp regularly purchase something from the neighborhood dealer.  I shelled out Php100 for the catalog and gave it to Manang, my father’s househelp, to market.   Maybe I should be a Natasha, Dakki and Avon dealer too.   Hmm…

There was a particular exhibitor that I kept a special tab of.  I strongly feel the business they offer is feasible for me.  It’s not food, and its market comes across all income brackets and ages.   The capital is just something I have to work out though.  I’ll find and engage in more rackets and probably get on with oDesk to build the capital I need.

To end this post, let me share some business points I’ve picked up in the 20-minute seminar given in the same trade hall:

  • Create a sense of urgency.  Why do customers need to buy from you NOW?
  • No hard selling.
  • Create a customer experience.  Think Starbucks’ experience.  There are possibly better coffee but people flock Starbucks for something.
  • Make a competitor profile analysis.
  • Get a mentor.  Talk to great people.  Imbibe and get their ideas and strategies.
  • Train employees to think like the owner.
  • Build and expand your network.  (I can’t agree on this more.  I got my rackets through my network. 🙂 )

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