The Finisher

I’ve come across the title only in running events and races.  The Finishers are those who complete the long distance courses such as the full 42K marathon.  They get medals for it.

When Hubby, LC and I moved to our own place, I felt I became sort of a finisher too.  Taga-ubos ng tira.  Sayang eh!  The last bit of fish in the serving plate, the last couple of spoonfuls of rice in the platter, the last little mound of viand … I wolf them down instead of keeping them teeny-weeny servings for the next meal or throwing them in the garbage.

My sister-in-law told me that’s how she and Kuya started gaining weight.  (OH NO!!!) Then they ballooned to unhealthy proportions because of other reasons.  My brother and SIL then battled with the bulge and crazy love for food for some time.  I applaud them for finally winning.  SIL is more than 30 lbs lighter now, while Kuya  has gone from 4XL to L. (Read a snippet of it here.)

The thought on how Kuya and SIL started gaining weight alarmed me.  I can already feel unwanted bulges in some of my pants.  BUT I don’t have to put myself through the same battle Kuya and SIL went through.  So from now on, I’ll try my best to prepare food just enough for the three of us.  And stay away from the left overs.

Finisher's medal

One of the many Finisher's Medals a running friend has garnered from his hobby

And get myself and Hubby back to running very soon.  I want to earn a real Finisher’s medal in this lifetime.


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