The Toddler’s Lesson For The Day: Domestic Arts

For a while I worried I’m not giving Little Cat enough developmental stimulation and learning activities.  Juggling various roles has been my continued struggle since we moved on our own.  I miss those days when I’d just prepare and do structured activities with LC, free play with him and just be the Mama and Nanny without being the all-around domestic diva.

Then days ago, an article was shared in N@W egroup.  The article is about homeschooling young kids written by Sarah Baldwin, an experienced Waldorf early childhood teacher.   The second and third sentence was enough to give me relief and reassurance that LC is doing just fine.

Young children will learn everything they need to know and be prepared for formal learning later by participating in family life, household tasks and receiving nurturing care.

Being conscious of what children need to grow in body, mind and spirit, allows you to provide them with everything they need during these early years through daily living.  (Homeschooling Preschoolers: Life is the Curriculum by Sarah Baldwin)

I have posted some of these pictures before, but I’m sharing them again and some more.  Turned out LC’s on the right track.  Hopefully! 😉

Attempting to cut an onion with a plastic knife

Attempting to cut an onion with a plastic knife

Slicing a real banana

I quite ranted shared about his “involvement” in cooking here.  But I was mighty proud about it when he helped prepare for the malunggay pesto.

Helping pick leaves for the Malunggay Pesto

Helping pick leaves for the Malunggay Pesto

When we were still living with my father who’s got an oven, LC used to help me with baking too.

Learning to use the hand mixer and helping prepare the cookie batter

He’s also involved in cleaning up the kitchen. I wrote about him and the dishes here.

Trying his hand at washing the dishes

Domestic arts goes beyond the kitchen of course.

Practical living: discovering how to use the keys. I’ve already stopped letting him play with the keys and lock though

Sweeping his own mess. I made him sweep imaginary bits after I’ve swept the cup he broke.

Trying his hand at the laundry

Trying his hand at the laundry. What he actually did was transfer the clothes one by one from one tub to another.  It was already good enough activity for motor skills development.

And just recently…

Helping Papa

Helping Papa Cat assemble his toy by handing out tools and the wood pieces

Intrigued about the toy?  I’ll blog about it next.

For now, I’m just glad I don’t have to make a career in teaching LC academics and some other things.  As Sarah said, life is the curriculum. 🙂


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