A Wooden Toy Kitchen For The Little Chef

Back in July, I was in search for the perfect wooden toy kitchen for Little Cat. There were only a handful who sell them locally. These are Voila – available online and in Toy Kingdom, and few other online stores such as Come And Play, Mother Garden Wooden Toys and Babysmiths Store. However, these wooden toy kitchens are too expensive for me, too pink for LC, rather small or simply not my type. We have limited budget and space, and this will be our once-in-a-blue-moon toy splurge, so I really have to like it too. I then went on to look elsewhere.

I found our perfect toy kitchen in Toys “R” Us in US. It’s wooden, appropriately sized and in gender-neutral color. It’s compact with a stove, a sink, an oven, a microwave, and some shelves. Most importantly for me and Hubby, it fits our budget.

After almost three months, a glitch and some hurdles, LC’s wooden toy kitchen is finally home with us. I have to thank God for angels E, A, S and K (most especially to my Bestest E!) who helped me bring it home to LC. We are blessed! And may God bless our angels more! 🙂

Now without further ado, here are pictures to show.

Here’s LC and Papa Cat while they were putting the toy pieces together:

So that's how you use a screwdriver...

The oven door opens and closes just right, Papa.

I know what this is! Let me see it closer.

And here’s the wooden toy kitchen in it’s full splendor:

LC's wooden toy kitchen. Compact and sleek. Stuff inside the oven are not included in the original set.

Wooden toy kitchen's sink, microwave and stove

LC's new corner. Most of his books, some toys and his kitchen.

LC's new corner in the Sala. Most of his books, some toys and his kitchen.

We had to rearrange our layout to accommodate the toy. Everything looks better now. 🙂

I’m really happy with our wooden toy kitchen. The wood used is good quality. It’s way better than Shopwise’ buy-1 take-1 bookshelves standing beside it. No contest there. On the other hand, the oven and microwave doors’ hinges and durable plastic cover are prone to a kid’s disaster. But none the less, I’m pretty sure this kitchen will be with us for a loooong time. 🙂

Oh! LC’s a boy. I did get a number of a ‘It’s a girl’s toy’ comment. I’ll blog about that next. 😉


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