Masandal Tulog

Finally the raging tornado quieted down…


Knocked out, but still standing!

First Libros Festival of Filipinas Heritage Library

First Libros Festival at Filipinas Heritage Library

Filipinas Heritage Library celebrates National Book Month with its Libros Festival.   The festivities will be from Thursday to Saturday this week, 24-26 November 2011, at the library’s courtyard in Ayala Triangle, Makati.

Below are the details and lined-up events lifted straight from their website.  The seminar by Dr. Isagani Cruz on How To Write A Book sure looks interesting, and its free! 🙂 Adarna House, OMF Lit, Scholastics, Illustrador ng Kabataan and among others will be joining the festivities.

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Mama’s Little Helper – Setting the Table

For five times on four consecutive days, our almost 2-year-old son has helped me set the table.

We start with the place mats, then we move on to the plates, spoons and fork. I give them piece by piece while saying whose it is. Papa’s plate, Mama’s plate, LC’s plate, Mama’s spoon, LC’s spoon…

It’s been a mess and a stress when he usually “helps” me but in this case, he’s a little helper in the truest sense of it. A real proud mama here! 🙂

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Look What Just Came Out of Our Refrigerator!

istambay! istambay!

Ooopps! It’s the little guy pala, hanging around in it. Sus!!!

It’s his newly found discovery – opening and closing the refrigerator door. He does it every minute or so whenever he’s near it. We seriously need a contraption. For Little Cat the ref. Or better yet, a way to curb this new habit. A mommy friend said it only takes a while before the little ones get through the refrigerator locks.

I’m actually doing a talk-it-out what-do-you-want-let-mama-get-it-for-you tactic and a distraction look!-tigger-said-he-wants-to-(insert something else to do here) tactic already. But if you have any suggestions, please, please, please share it to me.

Puppets Can Make Our Toddler Eat

Our Little Cat is as agile as a cat, as curious as a monkey, as talkative as a pelican and… uhm… as light as a … feather…???

I’ve breastfed LC and still do now, gave him homemade food right from the start and slightly practiced baby led weaning on him.  But still we ended up with a hard-to-feed toddler.

We actually did not have a problem with his appetite until we left my father’s house.  I guess just a few days or weeks of being on our own… I don’t have eight arms and four eyes to do chores while watching over LC.  And I do not have forever to feed him. …it was enough to dislodge the healthy appetite from his system.

This feeding issue probably (?) wouldn’t have mattered if he’s heavier.  The pediatrician has given us a warning two weeks ago.  LC is in the 10th percentile.  He should eat more and gain more pounds.  An appetite booster was then prescribed for him to take.   Continue reading

Teach Children About Feelings: Using Existing Books in Your Library

Teaching kids about feelings through books does not have to be confined to books that are particularly direct on the topic (Read about three such books here, here and here).  A storybook long residing in your library may pretty well be up for it.

One of the good things about “not so feeling” storybooks  is that only a particular (or two or three) feelings are tackled on the occasion.  Also, concepts or information lightly discussed but done regularly sometimes work better than an all-out lecture, right? 🙂

Reading our weathered copy of LC's favorite - Meet My Superdad. LC was 16 months in this picture.

Let me share with you some of the storybooks which I use to subtly teach LC about feelings: Continue reading

Grasshopper on my basil

The CAT, The Grasshopper and The Basil

Gardens, even potted ones, are always good to have.  It can provide those impromptu and large as life science lessons to a child like our Little Cat.

There’s this grasshopper I see everyday on my outdoor plants.  I point it out to LC most of the time.  He usually tries to pick it up and of course the hopper hops away.  It’s amusing to watch his curious eyes every time.   Continue reading