Teach Children About Feelings: Book Review 1 of 3

Children, just like adults, have issues with their feelings.  Babies and toddlers too!   Tantrums, pushing, throwing things, biting and other demeanor may just be a result of them not understanding what they are feeling.  They have yet to know what they are feeling and learn how to process and address these.

For this, I am always on the look-out for books that teach about feelings.  We already have three now:  The Feelings Book, My Many Colored Days and Let My Colors Out.

Let me share with you a little review and some pages of these books starting with our first acquisition.

The Feelings Book by Todd Parr, was one of our July book loots.  It’s one of our busiest books since then.  For this book, busy means being read almost everyday because we have a lot of fun recreating the scenes in the book.

We start off with silly faces.  Then on to being scared like a mouse is to a cat.

A moment later we make sad faces.  But it gets happy again as we sing a happy birthday song.

Then we dance!

We go through a roller-coaster of emotion as we become cranky after a few pages.  We just have to dive into a bathtub to cool off.

Oh! here’s our most favorite part of the book… screaming our lungs off 😉

I love how Todd Parr ends the book.  I change sea lion to LC and then I shower him with kisses.  Then the last page is practically a reminder to everyone, kids and adults alike. 🙂


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