Teach Children About Feelings: Book Review 3 of 3

One of the latest books to join our library came from my bestfriend E.  It’s Let My Colors Out written by Courtney Filigenzi and illustrated by Shennen Bersani.  I’m glad we had another book about feelings since it’s really rare that I’d find a book in bargain bins expounding on the topic.

Let My Colors Out

The book tackles on quite a sensitive issue – a parent with cancer and how a child tries to cope with it.  Filigenzi wrote the book in honor of her friends and relatives’ children who have parents diagnosed or are in treatment for the Big C.  Let me share with you some pages of the book. 

Let My Colors Out p1-2

Let My Colors Out p3-4

Let My Colors Out p5-6

Let My Colors Out p11-12

Hubby thinks the book is too heavy for LC and so he avoids reading it to him.   I’m on the same boat as he is.   This book is recommended for children ages 4-8.  So LC is too young to understand just yet.  I’m still keeping this book though.  No question on that.  I know in time LC will understand, whether or not we will have relatives or friends who battle with cancer or a similar illness.

For families with a member who has cancer or a serious illness, this book will be instrumental for a child to understand the situation.

Let My Colors Out

For an in-depth review of Let My Colors Out and a Q&A with Courtney Filigenzi, click here.


P.S.  Hugs to Mommy R and Adorable A for you know what…


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