Teach Children About Feelings: Show Me and Other Activities

Little Cat’s Ninang E who was once a preschool teacher told us that they have an activity at school where kids were asked to show different emotions and capture them in photo.  It’s a good activity on helping children identify feelings and on to encouraging them to express their feelings.

So after my litany on children’s books about feelings, let me share some pictures of LC’s different faces.  I’ve captured three so far.

LC’s got waaay more happy pictures, but this is his happy pose:

And then here’s LC’s ‘Surprise! Surprise!’ face:

Next is his angry face.  Whenever I ask him if he’s hungry, he always, and I mean always, make an angry face.  Thank God we’re bilingual. 🙂

He also knows sad, scared and the expression ‘Oh No!’  But I still have to master the art of asking him to do those AND taking a photo.  I’d love to capture us reading and having fun with The Feelings Book too.

There are so many other activities and resources over the internet on feelings.  Here are some:

Then there are the free printables!
Of course there’s the good old ‘If You’re Happy And You Know It’ song to go along with all these.  And so to end this series on feelings, here’s Super Simple Song’s version of the song:

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