The Cheapest and Easiest DIY Halloween Costume On The Block

Hubby and I never really paid much attention to Halloween.  Last year Little Cat went trick-or-treating at Hubby’s office in his any day polka-dotted onesies and tried to pass as a cow or a dalmatian.  But this year, Hubby’s sister registered LC at a Halloween party in FIL’s subdivision.  That gave us a reason to put more effort on LC’s costume.

Our “more effort” translated to looking for the costume a day before the party.  We kinda knew it was a futile attempt more on the fact that we were looking for a full body costume for less than 200 pesos.  Hats or masks are not an option.  Hey, we live in frugal times! :p

Hours before the party, Hubby and I were still bashing whoever thought of making Halloween a grandiose event.  What the heck!  But it can’t be helped.  So a joke turned for real…

I took out a white cloth, cut out three holes, cut the sides of the cloth for fringes, and TA-DAH!  Here’s our dearest LC striking his mumu post:

Not bad, right?  Oh well… Next year, I’ll be more creative and resourceful IF ever we join another Halloween party.  Maybe I’ll try to be as galing as Mavie did for her daughter.  Then again, I’m thinking of reusing this costume next year.  Probably dirty it all up and say he’s a taong grasa.  ;P


4 thoughts on “The Cheapest and Easiest DIY Halloween Costume On The Block

  1. Ang kyut!! Binalak ko ding gawin yan pero yung nakasaklob naman sa ulo. lol! kaya lang yung magsusuot e ayaw ng may taklob sa ulo kaya di ko na lang ginawa.

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