Puppets Can Make Our Toddler Eat

Our Little Cat is as agile as a cat, as curious as a monkey, as talkative as a pelican and… uhm… as light as a … feather…???

I’ve breastfed LC and still do now, gave him homemade food right from the start and slightly practiced baby led weaning on him.  But still we ended up with a hard-to-feed toddler.

We actually did not have a problem with his appetite until we left my father’s house.  I guess just a few days or weeks of being on our own… I don’t have eight arms and four eyes to do chores while watching over LC.  And I do not have forever to feed him. …it was enough to dislodge the healthy appetite from his system.

This feeding issue probably (?) wouldn’t have mattered if he’s heavier.  The pediatrician has given us a warning two weeks ago.  LC is in the 10th percentile.  He should eat more and gain more pounds.  An appetite booster was then prescribed for him to take.  

Since the pedia visit, Hubby and I have been thinking of ways to encourage LC to eat more.  N@wie Faye’s post came timely in our endeavor.  We’ve been doing the omelet trick even before.  Reading about it gave us an assurance and more zest to be creative with it.  The other tips, of course, were helpful and insightful.

  • Weaning from formula or fresh milk is not actually a problem.  Honestly, we hope he’d drink at least a full glass every day…
  • The hidden fruits crouching yogurt works!  But veggies in yogurt is another story.
  • Pureed fruits turned into frozen popsies (like what Maqui does with fruits and taho) work of course.  LC is an “ice monster” after all. 😉
  • A colorful and fun food (like this, also by Maqui) does not work on LC.  But hopefully it’s just phase because it’s fun being creative with food.  Being appreciated for it is another thing.
  • Keeping right on schedule for mealtimes is something we have to work on.

In the process of getting LC his needed pounds, I realized he is a snacker.  (Why the heck did I realize that just now?  He was a breastfeeding snacker right on.  Oh well.)  With that in mind, I’m trying hard to keep snacks as healthy as possible or make him small frequent meals if I can.

And along with some charades that work to make him eat, I thank Hubby, The Puppet Master, and his puppets.  LC always obliges when the puppets (!) ask him to take a spoonful.

Tigger and Simba double as Papa Cat's puppets

However, let me clear that I am not proud of this puppet act.

We need to have real and long term solutions.  We hope that this fussy eating is just a phase.  More so, we hope LC will gain a healthy appetite and good eating habits.


3 thoughts on “Puppets Can Make Our Toddler Eat

  1. Naku parang yung 2 kong niece napakahirap pakainin. Gusto nila palagi lang chicken ang ulam. Maraming nakakain pag chicken pero pag iba na 2 subo lang. Ewan ko ba bat di nasasawa sa manok. lol!

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