Look What Just Came Out of Our Refrigerator!

istambay! istambay!

Ooopps! It’s the little guy pala, hanging around in it. Sus!!!

It’s his newly found discovery – opening and closing the refrigerator door. He does it every minute or so whenever he’s near it. We seriously need a contraption. For Little Cat the ref. Or better yet, a way to curb this new habit. A mommy friend said it only takes a while before the little ones get through the refrigerator locks.

I’m actually doing a talk-it-out what-do-you-want-let-mama-get-it-for-you tactic and a distraction look!-tigger-said-he-wants-to-(insert something else to do here) tactic already. But if you have any suggestions, please, please, please share it to me.


2 thoughts on “Look What Just Came Out of Our Refrigerator!

  1. haha! si yohann naman nakikipag-unahan sa ref pag may nagbubukas, kala mo may tinago don :p tapos ayaw niya din ipasara, he stays there so we can’t close the ref door. kids! 😀

  2. I can so relate! Si Aki tumatambay pa talaga sa pinto.I have no tips kase that is also an ongoing problem in our hours. Maybe except, put all the breakables at the back part that he cant reach.

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