Being a WAHM: A Work in Progress

It been a long while since I last blogged.  Too long I think I forgot to write.  I think I need someone to dictate to me what to write…

I’ve been a fabulous stay-at-home-mom since LC was born.  Since then, Hubby gives me an allowance for my personal needs and wants.  I’m the one who actually proposed how much I’d receive every month.  But well, we all know a woman, a wife and a mother would always have some reason to buy somethings. 😉 So I tried finding means to earn my own money.

I did find means and one of them is transcribing focused group discussions.  I’d like to think it’s a work for people who are like steel poles.  I say because like a pole, there’s nothing else to process but to type everything you hear.  And like the strength of a steel conductor, one needs great focus and concentration to grasp and record what two or more people are saying at a time.  Correctly.

With an attention-demanding toddler around transcribing could be a tough challenge.  After some whirlwind of ruckus, I’d naturally be happy and relieved to finally find peace when he falls asleep.  But no.  Here’s our little boy who adamantly wanted to sleep on my lap.

This happened many times.  I always try to move him to the bed or couch but then most of the time he’d wake up.  Him sleeping on my lap is a little challenge.  But definitely, there’s probably nothing tougher when Continue reading