Meet Our Superdad

Let my first post for the year be a tribute to our very own superdad – Daddy Papa Cat! 🙂

All dad’s are super in their own way.  As the characters in Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan’s Meet My Superdad shared, a dad can be an Invisible Dad, a Super Quiet Dad, a Super Scary Dad, and a real super dad.

The main character in the book believes his dad is super in its truest sense because his dad talks and plays with him and his siblings a lot,

makes time for the family,

makes his mom feel extra special, and knows how to say sorry.

The book’s superdad also saves a lost puppy and makes grilled cheese sandwich and mango shake.  At the end of the story, all kids in the book agree that the dad is a super dad.

This book is my and Little Cat’s all time favorite.  We love every bit about the superdad because our very own is a lot like him.  AND MORE.

I’m a part-time event coordinator. Being one requires me to be away from home for about 12 hours or more on the event day. Last month, December, was as usual a busy month for me and the rest of the industry. For Our Superdad however, it was an unusually tough month.

Our Superdad’s full powers were initially put to test when we had to attend my Lola’s dinner party on the same day I had an event. I was already out of the house before LC woke up that day. I know I can trust Hubby with the usual stuff with LC, but I worried if they’ll actually be able to attend Lola’s party.

But my oh my! Hubby breezed through it!?!!?  I guess nothing can be tough enough for Our Superdad!

They had breakfast, lunch, nap in afternoon, had a bath, got dressed and all. Then Hubby drove themselves all through the holiday traffic from Cainta to the party in Quezon City with LC in the carseat.  When I caught up with them after my racket, I found them both looking great and neat and with a fully equipped diaper bag.  Galing!  I was honestly surprised and more than pleased with Hubby. 🙂

And would you believe something like that happened again?  And again?  At one occasion, Hubby even cooked themselves lunch.  WOW! That’s with no yaya, no helper, no one else around, just Hubby alone with our little 2-year-old monster.  But all was good.  LC remained in one piece, no bruises, clean, well-fed and happy.  Same as Hubby with sanity still in place. 😉

Hubby definitely did more than great.  He truly is a super superdad for us.  I couldn’t ask for a better dad for our son. 🙂

X’ss: Happy (Chinese) New Year everyone! 🙂 Oh how I missed blogging and everybody! 😐


4 thoughts on “Meet Our Superdad

    • Hi Mommy Maricel! 🙂 Let me say I’m blown away with the thought of you dropping by and leaving a comment in my blog! Thank you! 🙂

      But really, I thank you more for the book. It has given us a lot of happy quality times together 🙂

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