Popoy, Pet and Potty

We have started potty-training LC. Yes, we have! But we haven’t moved any further…

I was looking for a book for potty training our little guy last October. I’ve been to two other bargain bookstores with that goal and have already spent about an hour at Booksale SM Megamall. I was almost bound to give it another day when finally, in the deepest pile I’ve found Alona Frankel’s Once Upon a Potty. With a memory of seeing the book in the list Maqui shared, and with the cheapest of cheap 15 pesos tag, I grabbed it without even opening the book.

I was so excited to read it to LC that we read it together for the first time. And I was caught off-guard…

It never occurred to me that I should also teach him more than the usual head, shoulders, knees and toes.

Right then at that very page, my mind was thinking whether or not to say pee-pee and refer to the little hole as such. Pee-pee sounds so much like wee-wee. It might confuse him. Moreover, I’ve read discussions in N@W and in other mommy forums that kids should be taught to refer to our private parts with their proper (?) names: p*nis, v*gina… So after some dumb-founded milli-seconds, I said p*nis and anus.

Well… Honestly, saying p*nis is really uncomfortable for me. (Yes, I still live in the conservative hispanic era ;P ) After a few days of reading the words pee-pee and hole as p*nis and anus, I surrendered. From then on I used the cutesy term pototoy and the vernacular term pwet. LC still has that baby-way of saying things so that’s how popoy and pet came to be.

On the days that followed, I explained to LC that popoy is for boys and pepe is for girls. And that Papa and him are boys, Mama and Tita are girls. That became our first series of lectures on sex education and gender differentiation. I never thought those kind of lectures can be so light and easy with our little boy.

But Oh! I have to share that we did not escape the awkward moments of saying p*nis in “public.” When we bathe together, or Hubby and LC bathe together, LC would often say in a very loud voice and pointing to the body parts, “Papa, popoy! Papa, pet!” “Mama, pepe! Mama, pet!” Then he’d shriek and laugh and repeat saying them again. It was loud enough we are so sure the neighbors living on the other side of our walls can hear him. Hubby and I can only roll our eyes and hurry to finish bathing…

Reading a book about potty to LC was a prologue of greater things to come: POTTY TRAINING. But I’m taking my sweet time to embark on it again. Yes, again. We already made several attempts but… Waaaah! Some things are probably better left for tomorrow. I guess… 😐

LC's glorified sitting and stepping stool


2 thoughts on “Popoy, Pet and Potty

  1. YOU’RE BAAAAAACK! ^_^ natuwa ako sa post na to. Maia and I have never had a formal sex ed session yet…but as soon as she was speaking I’ve always used the tagalog terms for the private parts as is. May own share din kami ng embarassing moments nyan hahaha di ko lang alam what will happen if i introduce her to the english terms.

    good luck with potty training sis! it took us almost a year to be fully potty trained but i didn’t force it. we did it gradually and i really waited till she showed signs of readiness. now mag-1 one year na kaming diaper-free and she’s taken long trips already without the diapers and thankfully no ‘accidents’ naman.

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