Building The Future Builder

Last December, our two little Indian neighbors gifted LC with a puzzle toy. Here’s what he can do with them now:

That’s our 2-year old right there. With little hands, focus and (unpredictable) patience, he can already make a cube and more – with no assistance! Amazing! 🙂

Now, here he is with bigger pieces:

Dear Little Cat,

We love seeing you so intent on building with the puzzle pieces. We love it more when you flash that smile when you’re done with your masterpiece. We can feel how happy you are with your accomplishment. What you don’t probably know is we feel happier seeing you happy.

As you grow older, whether you decide to build roads, structures, computer codes, menus, people or whatever it is your heart desires, Mama and Papa will be here to support you. And we will forever be proud of you and happy for you.

Mama and Papa

P.S. But keep it in the context of building for common-good or betterment. Nothing evil and illegal, okay?! 😉


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