Mama’s Little Helper – Kaalalay sa Sinampay

Another domestic activity which I enjoy doing with our little boy is getting dry clothes from the clothes’ line. One or two at a time, I fold the clothes in two and hand them down to LC. He then carries them inside the house and puts them on the sofa. We do this repeatedly until all clothes are in.

It takes a while to get all clothes in the house but, it doesn’t matter. This is one very productive activity for BOTH of us. 🙂

Yesterday after all the clothes were finally on the sofa for sorting and folding, he hang around and continued to help me. One by one he pulled the socks off the sipit. Here’s a picture of him in action. The photo’s very low res. You could hardly make out what he’s really doing, but I’m posting it still for documentation and reminder for me…

We need to work on his pincer grasp!



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