Prayer Before Meals

In response to MyMommyology‘s latest post and to my dear sister’s long-standing request since I posted LC’s mealtime prayer, here is our little guy with our prayer before meals.

Sorry for my clumsy amateur hands.  Will try harder getting a better video. Will post when I already have one.

Transcription:  God is great.  Thank you for the food.  Amen.  (Makes the Sign of the Cross) Amen.

There’s supposed to be a ‘God is good’ at the start.  He already memorized the short prayer at 22 months.  Now after 4 months, he made it even shorter.  Oh well… And it’s not a spontaneous prayer but…  Still cute if I may say! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Prayer Before Meals

    • will surely do! i’m soooo looking forward to it. hubby and i make “conversation prayers” every night. i’m hoping LC will pick up and say his own. so far no progress there yet. but funny thing is, even at bedtime he prays our mealtime prayer! hahahaha! 😀

      thanks for dropping by anne! 🙂

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