Potty Chronicles

“It’s when shit hits the fan that you get to know your real strength.”

A friend recently posted that as her Facebook status. With potty training in mind, I couldn’t agree more.

For the record, we don’t have anything that gross yet (Thank you Lord! Please keep it that way 🙂 ). So far, here are 2 of the most “memorable” incidents we’ve had:

2. LC has been in bare bottoms for 4 hours. And for 4 hours, he hasn’t peed or pooped even with insistent coaxing to the potty. I suddenly thought of letting him wear briefs. Grave mistake! No sooner had I put it on him, he finally gave me 4 hours worth of pee and poop in his brief!

1. I was washing cooking utensils in the sink and waiting for the pot on the stove to boil. Then I saw LC, with bare bottoms, running to me… Leaving a trail of mini turds behind him!!! :O Dish washing, cooking and turds in the midst. Magnificent!

Potty training is a test of strength for the icky stuff. For me it truly is. So I sincerely pray that the worst is NOT to come.



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