Party Rocking at Museo Pambata

One fine Sunday, we attended a friend’s 1st birthday party at Museo Pambata.  They had a Hawaiian theme.  So apt for the summer, right? But summer these days don’t look sunny at all!  Anyhow, inspite of the gloomy weather outside, our Little Cat had a summer blast at the party. After which, the free tour inside the interactive children’s museum was a very sweet and cool treat to cap the day.

For the nth time, please excuse the low quality photos… 🙂

We spent more than an hour in the museum but it wasn’t enough! We had to go somewhere else so we were not able to fully enjoy the other areas.

The Pamilihang Bayan looked so much fun!  That and a lot more are reasons for us to make another trip back when LC is a little bigger. 🙂

For those planning to have a party in Museo Pambata or tour the museum, I’ve attached here their fliers. Continue reading


Hand and Eye Coordination During Free Play

Sharing three of LC’s hand-eye coordination “activities.” All three are just part of his normal and spontaneous free play and kakulitan. 😉

So who says kid’s play is simply kid’s play? No need for staging a grand production for learning there. 😉

The last one is Continue reading

Our Homemade Peanut Butter – Malunggay and Propolis Fortified

Peanut butter is our Little Cat’s current addiction.  We now have a record-breaking simot-sarap time for Pan de Manila’s big jar of PB of… guess what… 2 days! :O  Hubby and I took a spoonful each for a sandwich and LC took the rest for himself.  He likes it as is.  No bread, no biscuit, not as a spread, but as a spoonful delight.  I know there’s good in peanut butter but too much is simply too much!  😐

I don’t have anything to curb his monster appetite for peanut butter yet.  But for the meantime, I can say Maqui’s post on homemade PB was God-sent.  (Thanks Maqui!)  A means to keep those sugar levels and nutty addiction at a better perspective.

Inspired by Maqui, here’s our version of peanut butter love:

Re-used the jar from Pan de Manila of course 🙂

I just made half of the recipe, skipped the sugar, used some  alternatives and fortified it with good stuff. Continue reading

A Pincer Grasp Activity

Pincer grasp activity: Clothespins and Hankies


  • Clothes’ pins and line – in our case, it was a hanger with attached pins
  • Hankies


  • Let toddler pin the hankies


  • Clipping clothes pin to a line is already an activity in itself
  • Let toddler alternately use his index, middle, ring and pinky finger with the thumb to pinch
  • Let your imagination and creativity run as to what can be pinned: cut-out letters, numbers or shapes;
    family pictures; doll’s clothes; toddler’s own item of clothing; etc.

What’s the deal about pincer grasp? Continue reading

Mga Araw Sa Talipapa

with our very own Little Marketman! Talipapa Boy to be exact. 🙂

Little Cat tags along whenever I go to the nearby talipapa (small wet market in my vocabulary) for fresh produce. He has no choice but to come along actually ;P I’m pretty sure he enjoys the “practical life exposure” since we usually pass by our neighborhood McDo for a dose of ice cream.

What I’m not sure with this activity is if he has related it to Araw sa PalengkeIt was one of the books we got from Adarna last Manila International Book Fair.  I got the book for the very reason that I wanted a book accompaniment to our talipapa trips.

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