Mga Araw Sa Talipapa

with our very own Little Marketman! Talipapa Boy to be exact. 🙂

Little Cat tags along whenever I go to the nearby talipapa (small wet market in my vocabulary) for fresh produce. He has no choice but to come along actually ;P I’m pretty sure he enjoys the “practical life exposure” since we usually pass by our neighborhood McDo for a dose of ice cream.

What I’m not sure with this activity is if he has related it to Araw sa PalengkeIt was one of the books we got from Adarna last Manila International Book Fair.  I got the book for the very reason that I wanted a book accompaniment to our talipapa trips.

Araw sa Palengke was written by May Tobias-Papa and illustrated by Isabel Roxas. I like how it was written from a little child’s perspective. It was very simple but very engaging. I like how it was drawn too, very clean and detailed. Among the finely illustrated pages, here’s one of that engages me and LC the most:

This page, the whole book actually, makes me want to have more wooden toy veggies and fruits! 😉

Here’s another page of the book.

I appreciate the fact that I can briefly (depending on his attention) discuss to LC the good things of eating not just taho, peanut butter, cheese, fish and baboy. Unfortunately, that didn’t do anything with his appetite. =| In the future, hopefully yes…

Anyway, this book has become one of LC’s frequent read-to-me books since we purchased it. 🙂 And in as much as I want to say how good this book is, I’ll just leave it to these more accountable people to vouch for the book 😉


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