Our Homemade Peanut Butter – Malunggay and Propolis Fortified

Peanut butter is our Little Cat’s current addiction.  We now have a record-breaking simot-sarap time for Pan de Manila’s big jar of PB of… guess what… 2 days! :O  Hubby and I took a spoonful each for a sandwich and LC took the rest for himself.  He likes it as is.  No bread, no biscuit, not as a spread, but as a spoonful delight.  I know there’s good in peanut butter but too much is simply too much!  😐

I don’t have anything to curb his monster appetite for peanut butter yet.  But for the meantime, I can say Maqui’s post on homemade PB was God-sent.  (Thanks Maqui!)  A means to keep those sugar levels and nutty addiction at a better perspective.

Inspired by Maqui, here’s our version of peanut butter love:

Re-used the jar from Pan de Manila of course 🙂

I just made half of the recipe, skipped the sugar, used some  alternatives and fortified it with good stuff.

Listing here the ingredients I used with notes:

  • Peanuts – We had peanuts with garlic and salt at hand.  I want to do away with the salt so I washed, drained and toasted the nuts in a pan.
  • Extra Virgin Olive oil – substituted the canola oil with EVOO.  Basso brand gives the cheapest olive oil in the market I think.  As for the comparative taste with other brands, I’m no olive oil connoisseur :p  But just the same, the olive oil taste was distinct in the PB.  No surprise about that.
  • Ilog Maria Virgin Honey + cheaper grocery-bought honey – I planned to use cheap honey and muscovado but it turned out we don’t even have brown or white sugar in the pantry.  The honey from Ilog Maria is ginto.  Pikit-mata, I just used two tablespoons of it and thought about how organic and natural it is.
  • Malunggay Flakes – I added a very very generous sprinkling of these while toasting the nuts.  Veggies in the PB and everywhere.  Who ever thought of malunggay powder and flakes is a genius!
  • Propolis – Ilog Maria HoneyBee Farm prepared this with coco brandy so to evaporate the alcohol, I also added the drops while toasting the nuts.

We didn’t have a food processor so I used our trusty blender to grind the nuts and mix everything together.  It worked just fine.

The product was heaven! (Exaggeration! :p )  LC loved it! And I love it more because I’m certain it’s way healthier than all the store-bought peanut butter I know. 🙂

Next project: almond butter? mixed-nuts butter? endless possibilities 😉


6 thoughts on “Our Homemade Peanut Butter – Malunggay and Propolis Fortified

  1. R! Panalo to! When you can come to one of our playdates, let me know ha? I’ll bring some muscovado sugar for you! My family makes them so we have ample supply here. Lolz. I can imagine eating this peanut butter and i truly think (without any exaggeration) it’s going to be the best peanut butter i’ve ever tasted! 🙂

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