Hand and Eye Coordination During Free Play

Sharing three of LC’s hand-eye coordination “activities.” All three are just part of his normal and spontaneous free play and kakulitan. 😉

So who says kid’s play is simply kid’s play? No need for staging a grand production for learning there. 😉

The last one is folding. He does this most of the time he sees this Pooh hanky strewn elsewhere and not hanging by his wooden toy kitchen.


Neat folding right? Folded in three, and then in two. It takes him loooooong before accomplishing this. But no matter how long it takes, I’m proud to say LC patiently does it by himself. Seeing these and the other little things he can do like stringing beads and this

Plus him running around, jumping on both feet, and climbing everywhere, I’m pretty satisfied with his motor skills development. 🙂

Then again, I think it’s high time we do other things more often. I’d like LC to start learning how to catch and roll a ball… Those are the more than usual tests for hand and eye coordination.


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