Party Rocking at Museo Pambata

One fine Sunday, we attended a friend’s 1st birthday party at Museo Pambata.  They had a Hawaiian theme.  So apt for the summer, right? But summer these days don’t look sunny at all!  Anyhow, inspite of the gloomy weather outside, our Little Cat had a summer blast at the party. After which, the free tour inside the interactive children’s museum was a very sweet and cool treat to cap the day.

For the nth time, please excuse the low quality photos… 🙂

We spent more than an hour in the museum but it wasn’t enough! We had to go somewhere else so we were not able to fully enjoy the other areas.

The Pamilihang Bayan looked so much fun!  That and a lot more are reasons for us to make another trip back when LC is a little bigger. 🙂

For those planning to have a party in Museo Pambata or tour the museum, I’ve attached here their fliers. These info are also available of course in their website.

What’s Inside Museo Pambata

Guidelines on Booking Group Tours at Museo Pambata

Museo Pambata Party Packages


7 thoughts on “Party Rocking at Museo Pambata

  1. sa pamilihang bayan din kami nagtagal when we went there last Nov (right after the n@w christmas party). kulang talaga ang one hour for the kids. we spent more than 2 and yet di pa kami nakapasok sa library, i was curious pa naman what’s in there. anyways, if this is so much nearer to you sched tayo minsan trip ulit dito. sila maia they got to play pa sa playground sa labas (merong dilapidated helicopter dun). LC, big boy na o since the last time we saw you!

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