The Interactive Toy Library

Wouldn’t it be great if there’s a place where one can borrow toys and enjoy it at home? Something like a library, except that toys are on the shelves instead of books.

Yes, there are day care centers and relatives, friends, neighbors or friendly stranger kids to borrow toys from, but one can not borrow them all through out the meeting, much less take home the friendly stranger kid’s toy. But at a toy library…

Imagine rooms and rooms of toys! A room for every category: pretend play, building blocks and LEGO, die cast and remote controlled cars, fuel powered RC toys, figurines and dolls, musical toys, toys from around the world, evolution of gaming consoles and their playing cartridges, balls and toys for every sport… The list can go on and on! Every toy will be displayed in shelves and they will have codes patterned after the Dewey Decimal System (I can’t believe I still remember Dewey from my high school lessons!).

The toy library is for kids of every age and generation. Just imagine playing Battle City and Mario Brothers in a Family Computer again! But one can’t take it home because it’s in the archaic section. The husbands can’t take home the fuel powered RC toy planes too. But it’s okay. One can play with them to heart’s content during library hours.

It’s also okay for squeals of delight while at play in the library. I’m sure the toy librarians would be more than satisfied to hear it.

Imagine our kids playing with those expensive wooden toys or the elaborate train track set up or the big playhouse or the Little Tikes. Or the ones we, parents, are doubtful to buy. The kids can play with it and can road test it at home.  Continue reading


My OC Toddler

I love how LC can keep himself clean. Most of the time, he can eat ice cream without getting any of it on his face and hands. If he does, he’ll wipe himself with napkin or ask assistance to wash them off.

But sometimes, I hate how particularly clean he wants himself to be. Sometimes I wish he is that regular i-love-getting-dirty kid. You see, he doesn’t like paint, glue and icky stuff on his skin. He wants to wash them off upon seeing even a teeny-weeny touch his skin.

Back then I was very excited and pumped up to give him paint, clay and all those artsy stuff. Then slowly I went from “Look LC! Wow! Let’s paint!!! Let’s mold clay!!!” to “O sige, crayons nalang ulit…” Why? It’s because everytime we do something with paint and glue, our activity will be welcomed with a blank face (or was it fear?) and then heavily peppered with “Mama, wash!” and “Dirty!!!”

Then there were times when we were in the outdoor playground. He would suddenly run and pick up trash with his bare hands and then throw them in the garbage bin. I know it’s the litterbugs I really have to hate, but still… Fortunately (unfortunately rather!), we haven’t been going to an outdoor playground anymore.

Recently, I am reminded how he loves to clean his surroundings. Continue reading

The Wonderful World of Lego

Early this year, LC got a gift from his paternal Lola. It was a box of Lego Duplo!!! ūüôā

The 30-piece box set has preoccupied him for a considerably long period every time he plays with it. Here he is on one of his building sprees. If you noticed, there’s also a Mega Block figure and his hand-me down Buzz Lightyear included in his imaginative play.

I have no idea what it was supposed to be, but other times LC would explain he built slides or houses.

Sharing another picture. This time LC packing it away responsibly. ūüôā

Lego! Hubby and I played with them for hours when we were kids. I’m slowly but surely saving up to buy LC more Duplo bricks. It excites me imagining what the three of us can build and create! ūüėČ

Emergency Fund, Kits and Other Things

Being confined in the hospital gave me a lot of time to think about some things. Most them emergency related actually.

1. Emergency Fund
It’s an easily accessible fund allotted for emergency purposes such as loss of job, hospitalization and other unforeseen circumstances. This is worth 3 to 6 months of an individual’s or the family’s income or 3 to 6 months of operational expenses. One can read more about emergency fund here: How to Build An Emergency Fund And Why It is Important.

Hubby and I have such a fund. It’s not 3 to 6 months worth but it was enough for the emergencies that have come our way. We first dipped into it when our previous vehicle was fully submerged in the great Ondoy flood. We used some of the fund to rehabilitate the car to a good marketable condition. Then with the recent medical and health related expenses, we dipped in the fund again.

We haven’t replenished it ever since. I don’t actually have an idea yet how we’ll do it soonest in our current financial condition. If another emergency comes up, I’m not confident if we can still manage financially. I pray we wouldn’t be caught in another unpleasant surprise before we’ve put this fund to a healthier state.

2. Health Insurance
I have an octogenarian Lola (grandma). Since her “coming of age,” Lola had been going through routine maintenance check-ups to different medical specialists for her heart, bones and vision. Her doctors’ consultation fees were 3K, 5K and 6K. ¬†And they steadily increase periodically. ¬†She visits her doctors twice a year with up to date medical tests every time. There’s also her maintenance meds. Everything adds to quite a sum. And it doesn’t include the cost for unforeseen medical concerns yet. In the past, this included her hospitalization due to enlarged heart and slipping on a cemented walkway. Continue reading

Hospital Series

And we were back at the hospital… Again!??

Just when I thought I’m back to my normal wits, back to blogging, I found myself in hospital arrest. Hubby and I were bemused how in less than 30-days from his scheduled out-patient surgery, we were in a similar situation again. This time around, it was an emergency operation for me and I was confined in the hospital for days. Unbelievable!

There were a lot to be thankful for though.

Thank God I was operated in time. The right diagnosis took almost 24-hours. I forgive the resident doctor assigned to me at the emergency room. BUT please naman, I hope all hospitals would do better and assign more experienced doctors in emergency cases. I could have suffered severe complications and been in fatal condition had not a specialist check me the following day and operated on me right away.

Thank God for Philhealth and for Hubby’s company for providing medical insurance. Hubby’s surgery costed about 220K. The only expenses we paid for were transportation costs, our food, and medicine after surgery. We did not shell out a single cent for the surgery done at a world-class hospital by the best sports doctor in the country. Prior to that, we never paid anything for the ER, the 8K-worth MRI, and doctor consultations. Even the ongoing 6 months therapy sessions is covered by the HMO.

On the other hand, Continue reading

To You Who Rock My World

It was an exciting day for all of us. ¬†Hubby would again play basketball with his childhood friends for the subdivision’s summer basketball league. ¬†It has been like that since Hubby’s family moved in the subdivision. ¬†He discovered basketball and fell so much in love with it. ¬†He’d play as soon as he gets up in the morning. ¬†He’d play even under the scorching heat at noon. ¬†He’d play even with bare feet. ¬†Then when he grew bigger, he went village-hopping or game hunting wherever just to get a good basketball hustling. ¬†He was a basketball star at some level. ¬†All his friends would attest to it. ¬†That day was good to reminisce those times and hopefully, Hubby’s still somewhere near that star level.

Exciting really but honestly, we were more excited for LC who Hubby hopes will be a very good basketball player in the future. ¬†It would be LC’s first time to watch a real and officiated basketball game, highlighted by the fact that our very own Super Dad will be in it.

LC and I sat by the sidelines together with the other team members and audience. ¬†I taught LC how to cheer while the teams warmed up for the game. ¬†LC was quick to pick the idea. ¬†No sooner he was already shouting “Go Daddy!” or “Shoot!” and then claps his hands for his Dad.

And then the whistles sounded. The game officially began.

Quick passes, jumpers, turn-overs, rebounds and all. ¬†LC was watching every move, especially his Dad’s. ¬†Several times LC would step in the court to get a better view when the teams are on the other side. ¬†He’d shout “Go Daddy!” from time to time.

About five minutes into the game, we saw our Super Dad ran to rebound a fast break attempt.  Another player from the rival team hustled to beat him into it while others lag behind.  Then they both jumped.  Hubby successfully caught the ball in mid-air, but in a split-second he screamed and fell on his sides, holding his right knee and writhing in pain.

People flocked around him. ¬†Apparently, the rival player’s knee accidentally hit his right knee. ¬†The impact was strong. ¬†Hubby felt intense pain at that same moment. ¬†He¬†heard his right knee pop. ¬† He couldn’t stand up. ¬†He felt numb from knee down, but he can clearly feel his leg would fall off.

I sat motionless. ¬†LC said something. ¬†With a hint of fear, I quietly replied, “Daddy’s ouch.” Continue reading

Building Sand Castles

LC has been to the beach thrice before he turned one year old. The first time was when he’s 2 months old. Then at 5 months and at 11 months. Beach baby? NOT!

Here’s a picture, although blurred, showing him pleading and crying to be carried away from sand:

That was taken in Boracay. No amount of fine white sugary sand enticed him to crawl, roll or practice walking. He is after all the little boy who doesn’t like his hands and feet dirty.

Last year we went to the beach once and had the same reaction. And then finally, during the long Holy Week 2012 break, LC has discovered the joy of playing with sand!

I’m glad he has grown out of his fear of sand. Now we look forward to the day he’ll be splashing happily with beach waves. Yes, it’s not something dirty, but it is another thing he doesn’t want to touch him… hopefully for now.