Building Sand Castles

LC has been to the beach thrice before he turned one year old. The first time was when he’s 2 months old. Then at 5 months and at 11 months. Beach baby? NOT!

Here’s a picture, although blurred, showing him pleading and crying to be carried away from sand:

That was taken in Boracay. No amount of fine white sugary sand enticed him to crawl, roll or practice walking. He is after all the little boy who doesn’t like his hands and feet dirty.

Last year we went to the beach once and had the same reaction. And then finally, during the long Holy Week 2012 break, LC has discovered the joy of playing with sand!

I’m glad he has grown out of his fear of sand. Now we look forward to the day he’ll be splashing happily with beach waves. Yes, it’s not something dirty, but it is another thing he doesn’t want to touch him… hopefully for now.


5 thoughts on “Building Sand Castles

  1. Wow talaga 2 months pa lang nakapag beach na sya! Im sure ma eenjoy nya din ang beach wave pag laki laki nya pa ng konti. Meron kasing mga bata na takot sa tubig o wave like yung niece ko. 6 years old na sya nung nawala takot nya sa swimming pool.

  2. Thanks Maqui and Faye! 🙂

    Anney, that’s encouraging. Thanks! 🙂 Nakakapagtaka lang talaga kay LC, lumuloblob sa timba pag naliligo, pero pag pool at dagat, ayaw na. Sana nga ma-overcome nya balang araw.

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