To You Who Rock My World

It was an exciting day for all of us.  Hubby would again play basketball with his childhood friends for the subdivision’s summer basketball league.  It has been like that since Hubby’s family moved in the subdivision.  He discovered basketball and fell so much in love with it.  He’d play as soon as he gets up in the morning.  He’d play even under the scorching heat at noon.  He’d play even with bare feet.  Then when he grew bigger, he went village-hopping or game hunting wherever just to get a good basketball hustling.  He was a basketball star at some level.  All his friends would attest to it.  That day was good to reminisce those times and hopefully, Hubby’s still somewhere near that star level.

Exciting really but honestly, we were more excited for LC who Hubby hopes will be a very good basketball player in the future.  It would be LC’s first time to watch a real and officiated basketball game, highlighted by the fact that our very own Super Dad will be in it.

LC and I sat by the sidelines together with the other team members and audience.  I taught LC how to cheer while the teams warmed up for the game.  LC was quick to pick the idea.  No sooner he was already shouting “Go Daddy!” or “Shoot!” and then claps his hands for his Dad.

And then the whistles sounded. The game officially began.

Quick passes, jumpers, turn-overs, rebounds and all.  LC was watching every move, especially his Dad’s.  Several times LC would step in the court to get a better view when the teams are on the other side.  He’d shout “Go Daddy!” from time to time.

About five minutes into the game, we saw our Super Dad ran to rebound a fast break attempt.  Another player from the rival team hustled to beat him into it while others lag behind.  Then they both jumped.  Hubby successfully caught the ball in mid-air, but in a split-second he screamed and fell on his sides, holding his right knee and writhing in pain.

People flocked around him.  Apparently, the rival player’s knee accidentally hit his right knee.  The impact was strong.  Hubby felt intense pain at that same moment.  He heard his right knee pop.   He couldn’t stand up.  He felt numb from knee down, but he can clearly feel his leg would fall off.

I sat motionless.  LC said something.  With a hint of fear, I quietly replied, “Daddy’s ouch.”


It has been around two months since the accident.  Hubby has undergone surgery and has been (literally) hammered with new metal body parts.  He’s currently attending therapy sessions to regain full muscle control.  He’s pretty okay.  Some says he’s walking like normal already.

This post has been hanging for a long while.  I find it hard writing all about it, but I feel the need to get it out of my system.  The very least I could say is that what happened was a very scary experience for me.  Seeing Hubby helpless, disabled and in pain gave me much emotional turmoil.   Albeit fully functioning for Hubby and LC, attending to both their needs all on my own, I was listless for days… I couldn’t help think of mundane thoughts.  I probably thought too much and scared myself too much.

I finally snapped out of it after some time.

Oh! The realities of living…  I may never be prepared for whatever it is that I feared out of what happened, but there’s still a life to live.  And WE ARE OKAY AND TOGETHER.


To you who rock my world in every sense,

Sound the trumpets and drum the heavens for more happy years.
Cheers to love, life, strength and good health!
I love you a lot.

From your loving (and emo) wife 😉

Don’t go scaring me like that again! For a long, long while. Please.


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