Hospital Series

And we were back at the hospital… Again!??

Just when I thought I’m back to my normal wits, back to blogging, I found myself in hospital arrest. Hubby and I were bemused how in less than 30-days from his scheduled out-patient surgery, we were in a similar situation again. This time around, it was an emergency operation for me and I was confined in the hospital for days. Unbelievable!

There were a lot to be thankful for though.

Thank God I was operated in time. The right diagnosis took almost 24-hours. I forgive the resident doctor assigned to me at the emergency room. BUT please naman, I hope all hospitals would do better and assign more experienced doctors in emergency cases. I could have suffered severe complications and been in fatal condition had not a specialist check me the following day and operated on me right away.

Thank God for Philhealth and for Hubby’s company for providing medical insurance. Hubby’s surgery costed about 220K. The only expenses we paid for were transportation costs, our food, and medicine after surgery. We did not shell out a single cent for the surgery done at a world-class hospital by the best sports doctor in the country. Prior to that, we never paid anything for the ER, the 8K-worth MRI, and doctor consultations. Even the ongoing 6 months therapy sessions is covered by the HMO.

On the other hand, my minor emergency operation and 4-day long arrest at a provincial hospital amounted to almost 80K. We only shelled out 5K for the professional fee of the assistant surgeon who was not an affiliate of our HMO.

All the incidentals and the 5K was a measly amount compared to the total actual cost. If it were not for Philhealth and HMO coverage, Hubby and I would most probably be stressed over our financial situation right now. How could we even squeeze the therapy costs in our already tight budget? I can’t imagine.

Thank God for our Dads and for Manang. It wasn’t I, the wife, who accompanied Hubby when he was rushed to the ER and on every tests and consultations prior the surgery. Hubby and I decided it was better for me to stay home and attend to LC. Thankfully, my father-in-law more than obliged to accompany Hubby.

When Hubby had surgery, we asked Manang, my father’s househelp, to take care of LC. It was also Manang who took cared of LC when I was hospitalized. Of course, it wasn’t possible if my father did not propose the set-up and picked up LC at the hospital. (LC slept beside me on the hospital bed on the first night. The same way he never left my side when I was cringing in pain that faithful Monday morning.)

In spite of what happened to us the past three months, there are still a lot be thankful for. God is really good, right? Amazing, really. ๐Ÿ™‚


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